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Solid wood furniture is natural, environmentally friendly and has a unique beauty. Users who first come into contact with solid wood furniture often have such questions in their minds: "If this is the case, why do you need to paint it? Isn't it more natural and environmentally friendly to keep the original color of the log?" This is not the case. There are many benefits of painting solid wood furniture, which can be summed up in the following points.

1. The solid wood furniture is painted to protect the wood

The wood used for processing quality solid wood furniture is harder and more difficult to process, but the harder the wood, the easier it is to polish to a smooth and moist hand, which is like jade to the touch; if it is directly exposed, it is easy to be scratched by sharp objects. Or wear and tear in long-term use and lose the jade texture; when painted, it is equivalent to putting a layer of armor on the furniture.

2. Paint the solid wood furniture to make it more beautiful

Even if it is made of the same wood, there are subtle color differences, just like the small flaws on beautiful jade, although not "fatal", but it greatly reduces the artistry. Under the careful care of the painter, being able to find the color is like putting on a coat of icing on the modern plywood furniture.

3. Paint solid wood furniture to prevent wood deformation

The moisture content has a great influence on the stability of the wood. The solid wood furniture, for example, solid wood minimalist desk uses paint to seal the wood surface, which can not only prevent the external moisture from quickly infiltrating into the wood, but also prevent the internal moisture from evaporating too much, so that the internal and external communication of the wood is slow and gentle. Proceed, making sure the wood is not deformed.

4. Paint solid wood furniture, so that the furniture will last for a long time, and the more you use it, the more glossy

If the log is directly exposed to the air, it is not only easy to be corroded, but also discolored under the action of oxidation, and sometimes even beyond recognition. After varnishing, the wood does not come into direct contact with the air and will always maintain a fresh wood color.

5. The varnishing of solid wood furniture ensures that the hand feels smoother and easier to clean and maintain

No matter how finely polished it is, it is impossible to seal the conduits of wood, which tend to be scumbags and difficult to clean. After the high-quality solid wood furniture is painted, the conduit is filled in, and it can be cleaned with a light wipe with a rag.