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What Is Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture refers to the furniture made of solid wood sawn or solid wood panels as the base material, the surface is treated with a finish. Solid wood furniture has high requirements for craftsmanship and materials. Solid wood selection, drying, finger-jointing, stitching, and other requirements are very strict.

Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly, longer use, which is the furniture of choice for many friends. But the furniture market has many fakes, as ordinary consumers if you do not master some solid wood identification methods, it is easy to be fooled.

Characteristics of Solid Real Wood Furniture

1. Solid real wood furniture in the workmanship is very careful, coupled with the quality of materials, so the life of solid wood furniture is very long.

2. Solid real wood furniture has its own unique style personality, raw materials from the natural, set the essence of nature in one, the real exhibition of real wood furniture unique taste. Upscale, heavy, long-lasting.

3. Solid real wood furniture has a value preservation function, the surface can generally see the real texture of wood, simple and calm, the surface of the occasional knot also reflects the fresh and natural material, in line with the modern urban people's desire for nature's heart needs.

Solid wood furniture identification methods

1. Through the wood grain, cross-section, knots to identify solid wood

Wood grain: furniture panels will be patterned, and the front and back need to be the same pattern is pure solid wood.

Cross-section: the cross-section of the plate will generally be darker than the panel, you can see the tree's annual rings and wood grain holes are made of the whole piece of wood.

Scar: Look at the location of the side with scars, and look for the corresponding pattern on the other side of the panel.

2. Identify the species of trees

The price of different species varies greatly, such as pine, crushed wood is cheap, and mahogany is much more expensive. Solid wood furniture market is relatively confusing, substandard, confusing species of things that are commonplace, it is recommended to buy brand-name products.

3. Observe the quality of wood

Observe whether the wood quality is tight, fine, all materials are consistent, if there is the addition of particle board, density board and a molding board and other materials, to smell whether there is an irritating smell.

4. Look for defects

The main stress parts of the furniture such as columns and the load-bearing crossbar between the connecting columns near the ground should not have large knots or cracks. The structure is solid, the frame shall not be loose, not allowed to break tenon, broken material. Various accessories installation shall not be less pieces, missing nails, through nails.