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Bent plywood desk, the biggest advantage of it is natural and environment protection. Compared with other bent wood desk, the amount of glue of bent plywood desk is very little in the production. The amount of glue in furniture is related to the level of furniture environmental protection. And the production of bent plywood desk materials is a natural amount of wood, so the bent plywood desk is more environmentally friendly. The service life of the bent plywood desk can achieve 15 years to 20 years. It is the service life of furniture of other bent wood desks commonly many 5 times or so. Custom plywood desk is a popular option for customers. Because in fact, the production of bent plywood desk materials comes from natural wood, sets natural essence in a suit, so the custom bent plywood desk has its own unique style and personality that bent wood desks are hard to compare.

Different Types Of Bent Wood Desks For Sale

What Is A Good Bent Plywood Desk

A good bent plywood desk, not only enough spacious, solid to carry things but also lightweight that does not take up too much indoor space. Modern plywood desk does not need too many complex functions, big desktop, spacious space under the table, exquisite structure, environmental-protection material can satisfy the majority of people's demand. DIMEI provides custom plywood desk service for you.

Bent Plywood Desk Design

  • Legs with an outside octagon design not only expand the space at the bottom of the bent plywood desk but also enhance the stability of the table as a whole and load-bearing.

  • Each leg is made of a unique thick material, which is good-looking and durable.

  • The round legs use a continuously changing curvature so it looks comfortable.

  • Under the bent plywood desk, there is a vertical solid wood frame structure, which provides absolute support.

Maintenance of Bent Plywood Desk

  • Avoid strong sunlight for a long time exposure to the sun.

  • Avoid placing bent plywood desk in the air conditioning or near the heating, at least 1.5 meters apart.

  • Keep the indoor dry humidity stable, do not dry today and tomorrow wet.

  • Hot objects please add insulation pad.

  • Water stains on the surface should be wiped dry as soon as possible

  • Do not place any corrosive objects on the surface of bent plywood desk (including alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish, soft rubber products) and sharp objects thrown and scratched.

  • Avoid placing bent plywood desk with super heavy objects on one side for a long time.

How to Pick a Bent Plywood Desk

The study room has always been the heart and soul of the Chinese, and the desk has even more of a sentiment. The study room prefers the bent wood desk. Many people are obsessed with solid wood furniture, solid wood is closer to nature, as if you can hear the breathing of wood. How to choose to buy a bent plywood desk?

Size of Bent Plywood Desk

Basically, a bent plywood desk height of 75cm is a standard height, and 120*60*H75cm is a size that is almost close to the universal standard.

If the length and width can be larger, of course, is better. After all, in actual use 120cm is still really a bit narrow, such as 160 * 65 * H75cm may be better, and even some people choose 180 * 80 * H75cm size. We can choose according to the actual size of their study.

Material of Bent Plywood Desk

The current market finished desks, especially on the Nordic style bent plywood desk, basically, the main desktop material is based on white oak, cherry, walnut, table legs or drawer side panels are beech, the bottom of the drawer is tung wood or veneer of non-solid wood panels.

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