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In the prevailing environmental protection wind nowadays, environmental protection and energy saving has become the obligation of each of us, and solid wood furniture with the issue of material has become the focus of many people's attention. So, the future of solid wood furniture will go where? Several ways out for the development of enterprises to guide the direction.

1. Popular solid wood furniture

From a pragmatic point of view, the current secularization of the solid wood furniture market is still inescapable, the formation of the market is the result of the integrated role of consumers, plywood furniture manufacturers, suppliers, media, and even government and academia and other forces. At the same time, not all companies can switch, modern solid wood furniture and trend followers made of low-cost style furniture and its inertia, in the future for a long time and will not disappear. But the right direction should be more use of cheaper and sustainable recycled wood species.

And from a corporate perspective, scale and industrial production levels are the undisputed winners of the future. The modern wooden dining chairs of the rheological period are near the end, the optimization period has begun, and to move toward maturity, it is necessary to shift from a factor-driven economy to a scale-driven economy, and finally step into the era of an innovation-driven economy. Can not evolve in this direction the enterprise will eventually be out.

2. Modern high-value art boutique solid wood furniture

This is also suitable to respond to the high-end market route to meet the needs of the modern nouveau riche with taste, culture, aesthetic appreciation, and affordability. Nordic wooden dining chairs are still made of pure solid wood. But the artistic value of the wood must be brought to the forefront through extraordinary design, design is its true soul. The design of such furniture can not be uniform, the same modern style, but nature and the field of human thought have countless sources of inspiration and complex performance, so it should be a diverse and colorful world, responding to the hopes and dreams of different people.

3. Stylized classic solid wood furniture products

Whether it is the East or the West, there are many classic styles of high quality dining chair furniture types in history, such as the Western Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical style, etc., and the East Chinese Ming furniture, Qing furniture, etc.. This route meets the needs of users at the top of the pyramid, pure, authentic, professional, classic, cultural is its core essence, such products with pure solid wood materials to make is reasonable, while retaining a considerable part of the manual content, but the hand is not used in the machine could have done better, but to do the machine is difficult to do, and can increase its sense of value. Such as machine carving after the use of manual to repair the rhyme, paint art effects given and so on. Markor and Yazhen and other brands have done a fruitful exploration to open up this kind of route. Italy has a lot of such plywood custom furniture brands, not for quantity, only for quality, occupying the high ground of the market, but also has the highest added value, business owners are often with faith and dreams in running a history and culture of the business, the success of these companies elements lies in becoming experts or super experts in the field.

4. Solid wood furniture multi-material composite and matching

In fact, solid wood furniture with a very wide range of materials, each material has its unique advantages, but also must have its limitations. The right approach is to apply a variety of materials to the most suitable for their products and the most suitable for their parts. Board and wood, wood and plastic, wood and metal, wood and stone, wood and leather, all such things will open up a wider world to us. The root cause of the current constraints is still the deep manufacturing mindset that has not come out. As for how to "smart" use of wood, there are two considerations: one is the ideology of parts is the product, and the second is the effective reorganization of solid wood materials.