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We all know that solid wood dining chairs are tables made mainly of solid wood for dining. Generally, furniture made of solid wood rarely contains other materials, because both the main and auxiliary materials are rarely used. Generally, the four legs and panels are made of solid wood. Here, let us introduce the characteristics and installation steps of wooden dining chairs.

Characteristics of wooden dining chairs

Some wooden dining chairs may have only three legs or more than four legs, but generally have four legs. The connection between the four legs is made by punching holes between each column of the four legs. Of course, a small part of them is combined with other materials, such as adhesive substances and nails. Solid wood dining chairs are healthy products of nature, therefore, being natural is the biggest characteristic of solid wood dining chairs. The natural wood grain looks more natural and the color is not embellished because it is not wrapped in external chemicals, so it will not emit toxic carbon dioxide.

Installation steps of wooden dining chairs

Preparation of tools

Good solid wood furniture not only allows us to feel the unique pleasure in use but also allows us to experience the unique pleasure of installing solid wood furniture step by step, like playing models. However, installing solid wood furniture is very different from playing models. First, we need to prepare the necessary installation tools for installation. Common solid wood furniture installation requires a cross, a flat-head screwdriver, an open-end wrench, a tape measure, pliers, and a rubber hammer. Get prepared first as preparing tools for installing solid wood furniture is a necessary part of furniture installation.

Selection of site

Selecting a good environment for installing solid wood furniture also affects the quality of installation. An uneven floor can easily cause the furniture skeleton to tilt, affect the scale measurement of the tape measure, and cause gaps between the various parts of the furniture. The humidity in the environment also has a great impact on the installation of solid wood furniture. If the environment has a high humidity, such as rainy days, it is easy for water vapor to enter the solid wood joint surfaces and metal fixing devices of each part of the furniture, making the furniture easily susceptible to pest damage, mold, and the metal parts susceptible to rust. Soft materials should be laid on the ground during the installation of solid wood furniture to prevent scratches and scrapes.

Installation of solid wood dining chairs

You can first purchase the desired dining chairs in furniture stores and then ask the installation master to come for installation services, which can avoid the embarrassment of not knowing how to install by yourself. However, it is important to note that when transporting solid wood dining chairs, the edges and corners of the beautiful dining chairs need to be wrapped with friction-proof foam to prevent damage during use, which is good for both buyers and sellers. When installing, the decorator can install them according to the installation steps in the instruction manual. Special screws need to be used for fixing, and the force during installation should be consistent, because excessive force will cause the wooden dining chair to break.

Above is the complete content of the characteristics and installation steps of wooden dining chairs. In order to use it better, you could put a cushion on the chairs or choose the bentwood upholstered wooden dining chairs. In addition, it is reminded that solid wood dining chairs cannot be directly exposed to light and should not be placed in too hot places exposed to the sun since it can easily cause the dining chair tabletop to become damaged and lose its luster, and even cause the dining chair surface to peel off.