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Plywood is used for decorating houses. Plywood is a relatively small household material. It is cut from boards into veneers, or from wood planes into thin wood, and then glued together to form three or more layers. The ply material is commonly used in many pieces of furniture and is also a man-made board. Next, we will introduce plywood and plywood specifications.

What is plywood

Plywood is a veneer or laminate that has been cut from a board into small pieces and then coated with an adhesive, usually an odd number of veneers, so that the fibers of adjacent veneers are bonded vertically to each other. Plywood furniture board is a more commonly used type of man-made board. It usually has plywood, glulam, etc. Plywood improves the utilization of wood, which is the main method of saving wood.

Plywood Specifications

Plywood is a three- or multi-layer board-like material that can be peeled into veneers or cut from boards into thin wood and then glued to form three or more layers of board-like material. Typically, an odd number of layers of veneer are used, with adjacent veneers. The fibers are oriented perpendicular to each other. The typical length and width of plywood is 1220 x 2440 mm, and its thickness specifications are usually: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 18 mm.

Plywood Classification

DIMEI has various types of plywood furniture.

1. Finishing plywood: This plywood is mainly used for furniture, sewing machine panels, and various electrical enclosures that require a clear lacquer surface coating.

2. Decorative plywood: This plywood is mainly used as a decorative material for buildings, furniture, vehicles, and ships.

3. General use of plywood: This plywood is suitable for packaging, filler, and other applications.

4. Thin wood decorative plywood: This plywood is mainly used as a high-grade decorative material for buildings, furniture, vehicles, and ships.

The Use of Plywood

Plywood is a good way to improve the current utilization rate and is one of the most effective ways to save wood in China. It is commonly used for furniture and sometimes for the manufacture of large equipment such as airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, etc.

Multi-layer boards are sometimes called plywood, which is similar to joinery in terms of manufacturing methods, material selection, etc. Both multi-layer boards and joinery are made up of several layers of boards, but the central difference from joinery is that multi-layer boards are not necessarily three layers, and the thickness of each layer of multi-layer boards varies. The structure of a multilayer board has good strength, good stability, should not be deformed, and strong environmental protection. It is mainly used in the manufacture of wood products such as the baseboard of decorative panels and the backboard of panel furniture.