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Wooden furniture is a natural product, and the product is more or less defective. In addition, the furniture itself overflows with a strong artistic component, based on artistic comments, different people have different aesthetic vision and taste in life. Different customers have different pursuit points, and there is no very clear standard for the quality of furniture products. Therefore, the meaning of quality control standards is to be able to "satisfy the customer" and "do it right", because excessive quality standards, especially for materials and aesthetics, are bound to increase production costs. However, customer requirements are always growing, product quality improvement is bound to be endless, which in turn requires a careful grasp of the quality management staff.

1. Solid wood furniture production process: trial production

Before mass production of China solid wood furniture factory, in order to test the rationality of solid wood furniture product design, to ensure the feasibility of mass production and smooth, technical personnel according to engineering drawings, process documentation, and quality standards in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 to produce a sample or several pieces. Then, the quality assurance technicians test the feasibility and accuracy of the design structure, engineering drawings, process documents, samples and templates.

2. Solid wood furniture production process: first piece confirmation

The first piece is the qualified product before mass production. In the daily start-up, mold change, mold repair, equipment maintenance and material replacement, operators in accordance with engineering drawings, process requirements and quality standards to produce the first piece. If the first part inspection is not qualified, the product can not be produced. The first piece confirmation process is divided into machining first piece confirmation, assembly first piece confirmation, painting first piece confirmation, packaging first piece confirmation.

3. Solid wood furniture production process: test group

As the parts in the process of processing there must be errors, test group can test the error is reasonable. Mass production, should sample several sets of parts, may include artificial board class, solid wood class, resin class, hardware class, marble class, glass mirror class, cushion back class combined together. The test group must be thoroughly in place, to ensure that the test group is thorough, the processing workshop needs to arrange for the simultaneous production of relevant parts and components. The test group is divided into parts test group and whole test group. The parts test group is assembled from parts, such as dresser drawer panels, side panels, bottom panels, back panels and other parts of the drawer; overall test group is assembled from parts, such as dresser front frame, back frame, drawers, panels, side panels, doors and so on all try to form a complete dresser.

Moisture content of solid wood furniture

When the moisture content of wood varies greatly, the wood internal uneven internal stress, wood appearance is deformation, warping, cracking and other major defects. In general, the moisture content of solid wood is controlled according to the following standards: the solid wood preparation section is controlled between 6% and 8%, the machine processing section and assembly section is controlled between 8% and 10%. Three plywood moisture content control between 6% to 12%, multi-layer plywood, particle board, MDF control between 6% to 10%.

The finish of solid wood furniture

Quality solid wood furniture such as bent plywood desk needs to do paint decorative treatment to increase the appearance of the product aesthetics. Paint decoration before, their own surface needs to sanding to ensure that the paint effect.

Solid wood furniture to color

Products on the paint line must be sent to the color matching room at regular intervals, usually 2 hours, to monitor the brightness and effect of the paint compared to the original color palette provided by the customer. If there are deviations, the process can be modified in time for each section.

4. Solid wood furniture product quality inspection

Self-inspection: After the first inspection, the operator must carry out independent inspection of their own processed products during mass production. Operators must understand the product characteristics, work instructions, quality standards, self-inspection methods and parameters of important processes before the operation. If the operator finds abnormal quality in the independent inspection, the machine should be shut down and corrected in time.

Mutual inspection: in the production of the assembly line, the next process employees on the upper flow parts random inspection.

Patrol inspection: in the production of roving inspection, found solid wood furniture product quality abnormalities or defective products produced, require improvement or suggest shutdown, stop production, and timely correction.

Solid wood furniture final inspection

All high quality wood furniture to be packaged into the packaging workshop, must be fully inspected by FQC, the inspection of qualified products labeled.

Solid wood furniture into the warehouse after sampling inspection

In the warehouse of high quality solid wood furniture finished products, a certain percentage of finished products for sale are randomly inspected, and the products are carefully inspected according to the process standards and quality standards for safety performance, functional structure, appearance and size, overall beauty, packaging protection and outer box markings.