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1. Maintenance of wooden furniture

(1) Often use a soft cloth along the texture of the wood to remove dust from the furniture. Before removing the dust, apply a spray on the soft cloth. Do not wipe the wooden furniture directly with a dry cloth to avoid scratches.

(2) When solid wood furniture is used in a relatively dry environment, people should adopt moisturizing measures, such as regularly wipe the furniture with a soft cloth dampened with water.

(3) Avoid exposing wooden furniture to strong sunlight, nor place it in an excessively dry place to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming.

(4) Waxing regularly. Every 6 months, wax the furniture with cream wax. Before waxing, wipe off the old wax with mild, non-alkaline soapy water.

(5) Use placemats as much as possible to prevent food soup from spilling, staining or damaging high quality solid wood furniture tabletops.

(6) Try to avoid contacting corrosive liquids on the furniture surface. Pay attention to keeping the room dry to prevent the furniture from being damp and mildewed. For furniture such as large wardrobes and bookcases, do not place heavy objects on the top of the cabinet. Otherwise, the cabinet doors will be damp and rot, and the doors cannot be closed well.

2. The advantages of solid wooden furniture

(1) Long service life, generally about 5 times that of other panel furniture, and can be used for about 15 to 20 years.

(2) High-quality solid wood furniture has the function of holding value, so it is quite popular among middle and high-end consumers. There are so many different types of wood used in furniture, and all of them have a distinctive advantage: natural. The wood furniture has natural textures and changeable shapes. And generally, you can see beautiful wood patterns on the surface of furniture.

(3) Natural and environmentally friendly. This is the biggest feature of high-quality solid wood furniture. In the process of processing solid wood furniture, compared with wood-based furniture, the amount of glue used is quite small. The amount of glue used affects the environmental protection of furniture. And solid wood furniture is made of natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly.