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Looking for manufacturers who produce solid wood furniture in America? There are actually a lot of these companies around. However, the bad news is that chancing  them isn't always the easiest. When it comes to American solid wood  furniture manufacturers, you have three main orders companies that make a large selection of mid-priced  woodwork for every room,  lower companies that generally concentrate on a specific style or type of  solid wood furniture, and fine furniture – advanced priced pieces with exceptional design and labor-ferocious manufacturing.  It's  insolvable to list every single bone of the manufacturers out there, and for the purposes of this list we won't mention the really small companies that only make a many  particulars. All of the below companies use real wood (no MDF or flyspeck Board), either in solid wood or high-grade plywood with thick veneers. 

Stickley Manlius, NY
Daniels Amish100 Straits Ln, Killbuck, OH 44637
Smith Brothers Kent, WA
Vaughan BassettVirginia
57 St. Design

4801 S. Whipple St. Suite B, Chicago, IL 60632

Adriance Furniture Makers 288 Gulf Road • South Dartmouth, MA
Catskill CraftsmenStamford, New York
EmecoHanover, PA
Fireside Lodge515 Emerald Bay Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

1. Stickley

Stickley's aphorism is grounded on an old Flemish  handicraftsman's expression, "to the stylish of my capability." Stickley has been making  cabinetwork under this aphorism since 1900. Gustav Stickley marked his product with the expression to assure  guests that Stickley  cabinetwork was of the finest quality, every piece made with honor, integrity, and pride.   

Stickley is a brand brought out of the trades and Crafts movement shortly after the Industrial Revolution. The  cabinetwork designed by Gustav Stickley and others was  concentrated on  erecting  cabinetwork for life,  cabinetwork that's passed down from generation to generation.   

Further than 90 of Stickley's products are still made by  crafters in upstate New York and North Carolina  shops. Honesty and integrity of construction are essential tenets of trades & Crafts  cabinetwork and traditional  structure  styles.   Stickley products feature "overbuilt" construction  styles including, Mortise and Tenon Joinery, Splining, Dovetailed Cross Rails,  lingo, and groove  cement joints, projected  president joints, boat  stage planking,  type  bottom construction, quadrilinear posts, and quarter rounds, just to name a many.   

2.Daniels Amish

Daniels Amish cabinetwork is handcrafted in the U.S.A. In north-central Ohio, Holmes County is home to the largest Amish community  moment, where the experience of generations of  cabinetwork makers has been handed down to  moment's  professed woodworkers.  

Heritage  cabinetwork, constructed from sturdy North American hardwoods, is  erected to last a continuance. Daniels Amish is so confident in their quality that they feature a limited continuance bond on significant essential  factors. Daniel's Amish features custom  cabinetwork  erected with a nearly  measureless selection of style, wood, finish,  tackle, and size choices.   

Bedroom  cabinetwork from Daniel's Amish Collection is constructed from northern hardwoods, which are incredibly strong and offer stunning natural beauty. Daniel's Amish bedroom  cabinetwork is proudly handcrafted by  professed Amish woodworkers using  periods-old  ways to  insure it'll last for times to come.   

Every frame bed from Daniel's Amish Collection includes 12 personal cast aluminum  classes and sturdy5/4  checked hardwood swaths. It's strong enough to last, wobble- free, for generations. Covers, hole fronts, and frames of all Daniel's Amish case pieces are constructed from sturdy Northern hardwoods. Sides and some larger panels are veneers over press- grade Baltic Birch plywood, which is incredibly resistant to  screwing and splitting.  

3. Smith Brothers

Smith Sisters has origins in cabinetwork- making going back to 1926, and their brand is known for high- quality, solidly constructed cabinetwork. All Smith Sisters Products are manufactured right at home in beautiful Berne, Indiana, and the company employs over 500 people to make high- quality custom  cabinetwork.  

Customization doesn't get much more detailed than with Smith Sisters. The details are over to the  client, and with Smith Sisters, those details are numerous. Smith Sisters manufacturers use accoutrements like hardwood maple, sword coil springs, high- quality froth, unique  fabrics, and top- grain leathers in their construction. Smith Sisters produce over,100 pieces of upholstery every week. The large  product volume is indeed more  emotional when you consider the 800 fabrics and leathers available. 

Smith Sisters leathers are named from the finest top- grain leather and made to maximize your  cabinetwork's comfort and style. The Smith Sisters staff selects Smith Sisters fabrics for their continuity, style, and high cloth quality  situations. Fabric belt options for custom  chairpersons feature multiple patterns, colors, and textures, giving the  client a multitude of choices. Numerous Smith Sisters products have customizable features, similar as custom arms, custom cocoons, leg style options, and skirt options for fabric upholstered settees.

4. Vaughan Bassett

Grounded in Galax, Virginia, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company manufactures bedroom  cabinetwork. In 1919, two men, B.C. Vaughan and J.D. Bassett, Sr., both of whom were from Bassett, Virginia, first innovated Mr. Bassett, Sr., and his family,C.C. Bassett, also innovated what  moment is well known as Bassett Furniture diligence.

Employing over 500  tradesmen in manufactories grounded in Galax, Virginia, 100 percent of their cabinetwork is drafted then in the United States by American workers. In fact, Vaughan-Bassett is now the largest manufacturer of  rustic adult bedroom cabinetwork in the United States.   

Utmost of the cabinetwork we manufacture consists of wood solids and wood veneers grown and is gathered near the shops in the Southeast. Pine, oak, maple, cherry, ash, poplar, birch, and beech are the primary species used in Vaughan-Bassett's bedroom collections.   

All Vaughan-Bassett  cases and dressers are finagled to misbehave with ASTM International F2057, a voluntary stability standard for bedroom storehouse cabinetwork, and have earned the third-party UL Stability vindicated mark. Furniture tip conditions and instructions for installation are included. Vaughan Bassett is a member of the American Home Furnishings Alliance, a trade association devoted to working with nonsupervisory officers to develop and maintain effective product safety norms for domestic cabinetwork. 

5. 57 St. Design

57st. design is a contemporary  cabinetwork brand grounded out of Chicago. They design, manufacture, and retail all of our work in- house, and all from our factory on the Southside. 57st. design uses solid hardwoods and hand-rubbed  homestretches, not just because they look good, but because they allow us to make  cabinetwork that can be  fluently repaired — that is,  cabinetwork that's more likely to last. 

Their work draws from colorful design traditions, from American Shaker cabinetwork to Scandinavian euphemism to traditional Japanese woodworking. In early 2018, 57st. design launched Design Rotation, a service to take back, restore, and recirculate our  cabinetwork. Design Rotation intends to produce a system in which cabinetwork is noway discarded nor destroyed, but rather circulated from home to home in infinity.


6. Adriance Furniture Makers 

Adriance heritage cabinetwork is handwrought to last for generations with the time-recognized construction styles of authentic Mortise & Tenon Joinery and Hand- sawn Dovetails. Table aprons are exactly tenoned into deeply mortised legs for strength.  president rails are tenoned through back posts and  rammed for  redundant life. One- board, figured hole fronts are featured with wood  clods. Hole sides of seasonally stable straight-grain wood are joined with hand-sawn and chiseled dovetails.  

Doors are  erected to last with mortise & tenon joinery and hung with mortised, solid brass hinges. Wide-figure, coved door panels  pier in rift-sawn frames for seasonal stability. Table covers are secured to aprons with deep-thread screws in acutely angled pockets to allow for seasonal movement. Dining Table Legs are gracefully Tapered or Hand-Turned on the lathe. Beautiful wide-boards of native cherry and barracuda maple are chosen to produce largely-figured, matched-grain table covers, hole fronts, headboards, and door panels. 

Adriance heritage cabinetwork elects the stylish timber from sawmills  honored by the timber Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry. Adriance inked heritages are hand- finished with several fleeces of water-resistant tung oil painting & marine shield, also waxed and hand-rubbed to a lustrous satin air, taking no keep.

7. Catskill Craftsmen

Catskill Craftsmen is located in Stamford, New York, a small pastoral vill nestled in the northern sections of the Catskill Mountains, at the  headstream of the Schoharie Creek and Delaware swash. Their graphic views are alternate to none. The area is noted for upwardly skiing, high stalking, and atrocious fishing. Stamford is also known as "The Queen of the Catskills," a name used by thousands of metropolitan New Yorkers, who, at the turning of the 19th to the 20th century, took the long train lift to spend their summers in the cool mountain air. 

Catskill tradesmen began operations in 1948, and has developed over the times, getting the nation's leading manufacturer of RTA( ready to assemble) hardwood kitchen islets, wagons, and work-centers. The company is intimately held, and takes great pride in its products and services. Catskill devoted  workers work hard to  ensure that the products are delivered fleetly and meet customer's satisfaction. Their manufactured particulars are made from naturally tone- sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily birch and hard gemstone maple. 

All sawdust, slices and waste accoutrements  generated during the manufacturing process is converted into wood  bullet energy, and used to  toast homes. Their products can be found in leading department stores, houseware specialty stores, specialty registers, hundreds of small epicure shops across the country, multitudinous finished and untreated  cabinetwork stores, kitchen and bath shops, and home enhancement centers.

8. Emeco

Emeco makes products in the USA since 1944. At plant in Hanover, Pennsylvania, their tradesmen turn scrap aluminum into  chairpersons so strong they guarantee them for life.which they defines it as sustainability. Cutting bending, stamping, forming, welding, grinding, heat treating, hand brushing, anodizing. Just a many of the 77 way it takes to make products. It takes a  mortal eye to know when the process is done right. And it takes mortal hands to get it that way.

9. Fireside Lodge

Every piece of  cabinetwork in the Wood Shop Collection lets buyers customize to their heart's content by blend and matching your stain colors, wood textures, and indeed tackle. By making a series of simple choices, customers can end up with a product that was custom designed by them to match any decorating style!  

In 1998, Fireside Lodge began as a builder of handwrought cedar log cabinetwork that supplied a indigenous request. Over the coming times, their reach and variety of product immolations increased to include everything from hickory log to reclaimed wood, and incorporating styles ranging from our "rustic" roots to transitional, artificial, ultramodern, and beyond.