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The greatest advantage of solid wood chairs lies in the natural wood grain and the diverse natural colors. Since solid wood is an organic entity that constantly breathes, it is recommended to place it in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid placing drinks, chemical agents, or overheated objects on the surface to prevent damage to the natural color of the wood surface. Now let's learn about the characteristics and selection methods of wooden dining chairs together.

Characteristics of wooden dining chairs

Environmental protection and health

Wooden dining chairs are made from natural wood that has been processed, without the addition of any artificial substances. Therefore, they are very clean and environmentally friendly. They also have breathability, which can make the surrounding air more fresh and moist when placed next to the dining chair, creating a good dining environment.

Elegant and comfortable

Wooden dining chairs have natural wood grain patterns that are unique works of art. There are no two pieces of wood in the world with identical patterns, so wooden dining chairs can better reflect the taste of the homeowner. They are elegant, fashionable, and atmospheric, providing a comfortable sitting experience, which can naturally bring a joyful mood to the diners. When not in use, it is a unique and charming piece of art that can be enjoyed time and time again.

High quality and durability

Since many wooden dining chairs are made of hard and good wood that has been carefully crafted, they are very durable, as long as they are placed in the right environment and carefully maintained. Each wooden dining chair can be used for about ten to twenty years, which is several times longer than the service life of other material chairs. The appearance of wooden dining chairs has natural wood grain and diverse colors. The structure of wooden dining chairs is relatively strong and not easy to shed. Wood itself has its own aroma, especially for some high-end wood, which has a strong fragrance, adding some auxiliary functions to dining. This can also elevate the entire space to a higher level in a restaurant. In addition, wood is relatively hard, and has characteristics such as high strength, wear resistance, and good durability, making wooden dining chairs long-lasting.

Selection method of wooden dining chairs

Look at the wood

There are many choices of raw materials for wooden chairs used for dining tables, and the most common ones are rosewood, ebony, red cherry, maple, and willow, etc. The material of these woods is different, and the price will also be different. The better the material, the higher the price.

Look at the style

The price of solid wood dining chairs is also related to their style. The selection of solid wood dining chair styles is also diverse, and nordic wooden dining chairs are a form of Nordic styles. Besides,there are traditional Chinese classical styles and American country styles.In the solid wood industry, Chinese classical styles are gradually becoming a popular trend and are increasingly favored by consumers.

Look at the specifications

Size also greatly affects the price of solid wood dining chairs. The size of the solid wood dining chair is generally determined based on the actual area requirements of the home decoration. Solid wood dining chairs with larger specifications are generally more expensive.

There are different types of dining chairs in the market, and prices  of  wooden dining chairs vary among different brands. When purchasing, we need to pay more attention to the issues mentioned above. Of course, we also need to pay attention to the matching of the chairs with the dining table. Hopefully, this will be helpful to everyone. After buying a full set of wooden dining chairs, do not forget to maintain them regularly. This can increase their service life and keep them just as shiny as when you first got them.