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The use of log is the main feature of Nordic style wood furniture all the time.  Plywood dining tables are used everywhere in the buildings. The biggest advantage of bentwood dining table is that there is no formaldehyde problem, more environmentally friendly and closer to the natural taste. The bent wood dining table of Nordic style, adhering to the simplicity and nature of the Nordic style, without redundant carving and decoration, owns just simple log material. Modern plywood dining tables emphasize the function of comfort, and can perfectly qgree with the human living habits and human body.

Nordic Characteristics of Bentwood Dining Table

Firstly, the Nordic style is different from the Art Decoration style, streamlined style and other formalism in the pursuit of fashion and commercial value. The Nordic style is simple and practical, reflecting respect for tradition, appreciation of natural materials, restraint in form and decoration, and striving for unity in form and function.

Secondly, in terms of furniture design, it has given rise to Nordic furniture dining table that does not use carvings and ornaments at all. And in fact, the furniture dining table are in a variety of forms, for instance, the nordic marble dining table. If plywood kitchen tables have anything in common, it must be simple, straightforward, functional and close to nature. A quiet Nordic style, not a compulsive and flashy ply dining table design.

Advantages of Plywood Dining Table

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board material made of wood sections cut into veneer or wood squares cut into thin wood and glued together with adhesive, usually with an odd number of layers of veneer and with the fiber direction of adjacent layers glued perpendicular to each other.

Plywood is one of the common materials used in furniture for plywood dining table, and is one of the three major boards of man-made panels. A group of veneer is usually glued together vertically in the direction of the wood grain of the adjacent layers, usually with the surface and inner plies symmetrically positioned on either side of the central layer or the core. The glued veneer is pressed in the direction of the wood grain in a staggered pattern with or without heat. Plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood, which is a major way to save wood in the production of plywood dining table.

Maintenance of Bent Wood Table

1.Avoid humid environment. In summer, such as indoor flooding moisture, it is appropriate to use a thin rubber mat to bent wood table and chairs with the ground contact parts separated, while allowing the bent wood table and chairs against the wall parts with the wall to maintain a gap of 0.5-1cm distance.

2.Keep bent wood table away from heat sources. In winter, it is best to place the bent wood table and chairs at a distance of about 1 meter from the heating stream, to avoid prolonged baking and local dry wood cracking, deformation and local deterioration of the paint film.

3.Avoid direct sunlight. Try to avoid outdoor sunlight on the bent wood table and chairs as a whole or partial long exposure, so it is best placed in a place that can avoid the sun shining. Thus, it not only dose not affect the indoor lighting, but also protect the indoor bent wood table and chairs. 

Which Type Of Plywood Dining Table Is Better

Round or Rectangle?  

Depending on the place you put, round dining tables are more suitable for small places while rectangular ones fit big places well.

Chinese or Western?

Depending on the decoration style you have in your house, different shapes and colors of dining table sets match different styles.

Tall or Low?

Depending on the family numbers, if there are children in your house, a low-height dining table will be a better choice yet adults need taller ones.

Nordic or Modern? 

Depending on personal preference and the layout of your living space. The Nordic bentwood dining table is simple and practical, while the modern plywood dining table tends to emphasize comfort and functionality while accommodating human living habits and body forms. 

How to Choose a Furniture Dining Table

DIMEI is a reliable dining table manufacturer whicch provide you all kinds of dining tables to meet yor need. If the house is very large, there is a separate dining room. You can choose a heavy feeling of the furniture dining table, such as the nordic extending dining table, to match the space. 

If the dining area is limited, and the number of people dining is not certain, you can choose the most common style at DIMEI.

Small families with limited space can make a furniture dining table serve a variety of roles, such as both as a writing desk, but also as a mahjong table for entertainment and recreation. In a home without a separate dining room, the first thing to consider is the furniture dining table can meet all the members of the family? And is it easy to pack up?

The shape of the furniture dining table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. A rectangular furniture dining table is more suitable for larger gatherings; while a round furniture dining table feels more democratic.

Ply Board Dining Table Design

In most decoration styles, wooden desks and chairs can match well. Wooden tables and chairs can come in a variety of styles and colors with technique, and our company can supply you with ply board dining table design to meet the right wooden dining table you want. Besides the shapes, wooden-made ones are more durable, easy to clean, and cost-effective compared with other materials of tables and chairs, making you free from worries.

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