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1. Cleaning of furniture made of plywood

From the perspective of sturdiness and economy, the furniture made of plywood is a good choice. When cleaning, some furniture made of plywood is also included. Furniture made of plywood needs to be paid attention to when cleaning because of its own material characteristics. If you do not clean it carefully, you will shorten the service life of the furniture.

The cleaning of furniture made of plywood first needs to choose suitable cleaning tools. Generally, the best sanitary tools are cotton materials with good water absorption. It can not only avoid the abrasion of the plywood custom furniture by rough cloth but also prevent the thread and silk objects from being caught in the gap of the board. The choice of cleaning method is also important. Avoid direct washing with water when cleaning furniture made of plywood. Under long-term soaking, the plywood will degum. Dusty furniture can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The cleaning agent should be mild and will not cause erosion and damage to the plywood furniture itself.

2. Daily maintenance of furniture made of plywood

Furniture made of plywood should not be washed with water during ordinary cleaning to prevent the plywood from degumming. Generally, stains can be removed with detergent and then wiped dry with a soft damp cloth. In addition, you must pay attention to the maintenance of furniture made of plywood in daily life. The main points are as follows:

(1) The products made by plywood furniture manufacturers should be placed steadily to prevent damage to the mortise structure.

(2) Do not expose the plywood to sunlight to avoid deformation.

(3) It should not be placed in a damp and unventilated place, otherwise it is easy to be damp and swell.

(4) For furniture such as large closets, do not place heavy objects on the top of the cabinet, otherwise the door frame may be deformed.

(5) If there are cracks in the custom plywood desk, apply putty and paint to mix well and embed it to prevent the cracks from extending and expanding.

(6) When cleaning the surface of furniture made of plywood, avoid washing with alkaline water and boiling water to prevent damage to the paint surface.

(7) If the surface of the furniture is stained with alkaline water or stains, it should be cleaned with water in time, and then polished with wax.