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Solid wood multi-layer plate is also called a multi-layer solid wood plywood, multi-layer solid wood plywood is now one of the first choice of many woodworking masters or solid wood custom ply furniture enterprises, and with the pursuit of environmental protection demand level of consumers on the market is more and more high, multi-layer solid wood plywood custom furniture has also entered the field of view of more consumers.

Plywood Furniture Material  and Custom Ply Furniture

If you want to understand plywood custom furniture, you need to understand from plywood above all. Real wood includes a lot of kinds of wood, including nanmu, catalpa wood, cedar, poplar, goose palm wood, pine, beech, walnut, camphor, cypress, birch, maple, cherry, walnut, oak, ash, rubber wood, oak, mahogany. So the DIMEI high quality solid wood furniture board is simply a multi-layer veneer or sheet glue stick hot pressing. As the name suggests, plywood custom furniture with solid wood is multilayer solid wood furniture. As a solid wood custom ply furniture enterprise, we provide you high quality  multilayer solid wood furniture. For instance, DIMEI custom plywood desk is made of multiple layers of solid wood. That is, bent plywood desk in the usual sense.