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In recent years, the customized brand of solid wood dining table has become more and more favored by consumers, so why does the customized solid wood brand attract more attention? And why are more people choosing solid wood custom brands? The following Dimei Furniture will reveal the reason for everyone.

1. The customized solid wood dining table has higher space utilization

The main reason comes from the layout of the house. Because of the limited space, we have to choose a custom brand of solid wood. According to the actual situation of the space, the designer grasps the space size information (such as width, depth, height information, special-shaped processing), and maximizes the use of the space. Design a plan that conforms to space utilization, owner habits and furniture design standards, so as to ensure the rationality of the space and take into account the feasibility of the plan and the basic principles of furniture design. In this way, the customized brand of solid wood dining table is also a test of the professionalism of the furniture industry.

2. The material of the solid wood dining table is optional, and the environmental protection is more guaranteed

In addition to the improvement of space utilization, the solid wood dining table custom brand has more advantages in material selection. The solid wood custom brand factory provides a variety of materials for customers to choose from, matching their own materials for different needs. It not only avoids the possibility of fraudulent materials in the market, but also allows the owner to choose the most cost-effective material matching scheme. For the finished furniture such as nordic marble dining table, what the customer can see is only the appearance of the furniture, while the customized brand material of the solid wood dining table is chosen by the customer, and the whole production process is transparent. The products customized by the factory according to the customer are only suitable for the customer's own use, and there is no possibility of exchange, so such materials are reliable materials.

3. Personalized design of solid wood dining table

The customized brand of solid wood dining table can fully meet the functional requirements of the customer's own design, draw the furniture they want through the customer's own imagination, and then pass the appraisal of professional designers to finally determine the implementable furniture design plan, for example, if the customer wants to buy ply dining table which just fit in his dining room, and then our supplier would sketch a ply board dining table design to meet his demands. The furniture that customers DIY by themselves is not only a creative design experience, but also includes the love for the home.

A simple table, not ostentatious or pretentious, but given warm colors by solid wood material. The table frame is made of solid white oak imported from North America, which is strong and durable, nice and elegant. The desktop of our Dimei furniture is made of solid wood panels, with clear and natural texture and smooth and rounded surface. The curved and rounded corners of the table side are designed with intimate care and avoid collisions in daily life. Buy solid wood dining table, preferably Dimei furniture. You are welcome to consult our products online!