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There are many boards for manufacturing office furniture, such as chipboard, core-board and plywood. These three boards are collectively referred to as "artificial boards." Today, Shandong Dimei Furniture Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the last kind of artificial board—plywood.

1. Application of plywood furniture

Plywood is also widely used in office furniture. The modern plywood furniture has the advantages of greater width, small thickness, beautiful wood grain, smooth surface, good dimensional stability, high strength and is easy to be processed in various ways. Because of this, people like to use plywood to make office furniture like plate file cabinets, bottom plate of the drawer and plate conference tables.

2. Precautions for using plywood furniture

(1) Because of the glue line, the tool is easy to become dull when sawing and splicing. Pay attention to this aspect.

(2) The slightly thinner plywood is easy to bend and deform. When using furniture made of plywood, the situation of bending or deformation should be improved or eliminated by using the appropriate structure.

3. Precautions for purchasing plywood furniture

(1) Look at the signs

You can look at the lower right corner or side face of each plywood backboard. Generally, it is covered with non-fading ink to indicate the type, grade, formaldehyde emission level, production code, inspector code, and production date of the plywood furniture.

(2) Look at the label

Each type of plywood has a label. And there is the information of plywood furniture manufacturers and products on it. You can look at the manufacturer's name, address, trademark, specification, type, and formaldehyde emission level marked on the plywood to see if the marked information is consistent and correct.

(3) The front and back sides of the plywood

The front side of the plywood is smooth and flat, and there is no pricking feeling when you touch it with your hands while the back side is not too rough.

(4) Check whether the plywood is degummed

When selecting, you can tap each part of the plywood with your hands. If the sound is crisp and well-distributed, it means that the plywood furniture is of good quality. Otherwise, if the sound is dull and uneven, it means that the plywood has already degummed.

(5) Finally, check the appearance of the plywood

Some plywood is made by sticking two veneers with different textures together, so I remind everyone that when buying plywood furniture, you must pay attention to whether the plywood joints are tight and whether there are any unevenness. If you use plywood that is not glued tightly and neatly to make office furniture, the products made will be very ugly.