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In terms of material selection, taking solid wood furniture as an example, the types mainly include mahogany, walnut, beech, teak, maple, oak, ash, begonia, elm, poplar, pine, red toon. Walnut, ash, red toon, beech, and oak are the most valuable among them. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between man and the environment, and designers love to use these materials. They add people-oriented and nature-oriented modern design concepts, which can bring people closer to materials and nature, and give people a sense of intimacy.

Solid wood furniture has its own unique style. The raw materials of solid wood furniture come from nature, which integrates the essence of nature, and truly shows the high-grade, heavy and unique taste of solid wood furniture. It combines the long-standing Chinese traditional culture with modern fashion elements, integrates it into the design of furniture, gives new connotation to the furniture, and makes the furniture design more humanized, practical and modern. It has created a new trend of solid wood furniture and led the new trend of furniture.

The quality solid wood furniture of modern style is also divided into different characteristic styles, so modern solid wood furniture is widely used in our lives, and it is also the mainstream style that many families are currently choosing for furniture customization. The following Dimei will introduce to you the styles that modern solid wood furniture can be chosen.

Ⅰ. The modern minimalist style of solid wood furniture

Firstly, the most mainstream is definitely the modern minimalist style. This style of solid wood furniture manufacturers can present a simple and lively design effect, the overall practicability is very high and the design style is particularly generous. It highlights the decoration effect of a minimalist style home, and is currently a popular and widely used design style.

Ⅱ. The modern avant-garde style of solid wood furniture

The second is the modern avant-garde style. This style of high quality solid wood furniture is characterized by good avant-garde and modern design technology, and the pursuit of unconventional design effects of space structure. It has very good applicability for families who pursue modernity and meets everyone's requirements in the design process.

Ⅲ. Neoclassical style of solid wood furniture

Finally, modern solid wood furniture also has neo-classical style, which is also a more widely used style in modern styles. This style can present a dual aesthetic effect of modern and classical, so that everyone can enjoy better material civilization and spiritual comfort, and make the home decoration become calm and restrained.