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Due to the generally high price of solid wood furniture, in the minds of many consumers, it is a symbol of grade and status. But now many consumers can't tell the difference between solid wood furniture and general panel furniture, and they don't know how to buy high quality bent ply furniture with real high quality, either.

1. Identify the material of solid wood furniture

One of the secrets of judging whether solid wood furniture is wood grain and scar knot. A cabinet door looks like a pattern on the outside. If the back of the cabinet door corresponds well it, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. In addition, looking at the scar knot is also a good way to identify pure wood. Look at the location of the scarred side, and then look for the corresponding pattern on the other side.

2. Common material types of solid wood furniture

Ordinary solid wood furniture is usually made of beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, and oak, while precious mahogany furniture is mainly made of rosewood, wenge, and rosewood. The market of solid wood furniture is relatively chaotic, and there are often cases of shoddy and confusing tree species. It is best to buy brand-name products. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of wood is rising day by day, and it is generally deceptive if it is too cheap.

3. Identify the quality of solid wood furniture materials

Open furniture, cabinet doors and drawers to observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate. If there is furniture made of materials such as particleboard, MDF, and one-time forming board, open the cabinet door or drawer and smell whether there is a pungent odor.

4. Observe whether the wood is defective or not

The main stress-bearing parts of the furniture, such as the columns and the load-bearing bars near the ground between the columns, should not have large knots, cracks, or rifts. The structure is firm. The frame must not be loosened, and the tenon and material are not allowed to be broken. The wood-based panel components used in high quality solid wood furniture should be edge-sealed, and the installation of various accessories must not be missing, missing nails, or through nails.

5. Observe the strength of the board surface

The surface of the board can be pressed with fingers to feel its fastness, and the material should be fixed with a well-shaped skeleton. If the skeleton is sparse, the surface will feel empty and unreal when pressed and the panel will vibrate greatly. The bottom of the drawer should be pressed by hand to test the strength. Generally, the bottom of the partition is multi-layered, and the partition with a large area should be made of five-layered board. In addition, the cabinet door and drawer switch should be flexible. When the panel is covered with veneer and other materials, the color should be similar to that of the complete set of products, and the paint film on the surface of the layered plywood furniture is not allowed to wrinkle, stick, and leak paint.

6. Check stability and security

Observe whether the drawer or door frame is tilted, whether there are tenons, twisted eye positions, or too large eye holes, loose tenons and other parts resulting in the skewed condition due to low level of craftsmanship. Solid wood furniture manufacturers must have the principles of safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors are opened 90 degrees, gently pull forward by hand and the cabinet body cannot automatically tilt forward. The glass of the bookcase door should be edging. The full-length mirror and dressing table should be installed with a back panel and the glass surface should be fixed by a bead.

7. Check the interface slide rail and other details

It is advisable to choose dovetail joints or butterfly joints. Heavier furniture should be protected with screws at the corners and glued well. As for the back panel, it must be checked whether it is set well and the screws are installed as well. The drawer should be solid and tighten the screws inside. You can open the drawer, movable desktop, cabinet door, and other parts to ensure that they can be used freely and connected correctly.

8. Check whether the surface is smooth

Put your hand on the surface of high quality solid wood furniture, and carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth, especially to avoid whether the table feet and other parts are rough, whether there are streaks in the paint, whether the paint in the corners is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles.

9. Turn the furniture upside down and observe

Turn chairs and upholstered furniture upside down to see how they are made. As for the table, check from the bottom to see if the seams are reinforced with screws and wedges, if the slats and rails are fastened tightly, and if the seams have excess glue and filler.