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Plywood is made by hot pressing three or more layers (about one millimeter) of solid wood veneer or thin plate glued. The commons are three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood, and twelve plywood (commonly known as three ply board, five centimeter board, nine centimeter board, and twelve centimeter board). Plywood not only has all the advantages of natural wood, such as light bulk density, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, etc., but also can make up for some of the natural defects of natural wood, such as knots, small size, deformation, and large differences in vertical and horizontal mechanics.

Because plywood furniture has the advantages of small deformation, large format, convenient construction, no warping, and good tensile mechanical properties of horizontal lines. This product is mainly used in various boards for furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, and residential construction, followed by shipbuilding, carriage manufacturing, various military, light industrial products and packaging, and other industrial sectors.

Birch is one of the most well-known raw materials for plywood in the world. For the reason, besides being very easy to slice, birch has decent density, strong structure, and an easily stained light brown surface, giving it enough conditions to be made into plywood and meeting various design needs. Its light wood grain allows it to become the surface grain of various other woods through the surface treatment, so birch is almost universal in surface treatment.

The birch wood whose annual rings are more clearly visible. After cutting and processing, the furniture made of it is very outstanding in the aesthetics of the texture. Its wood grain is straight and smooth and colors are light and elegant, having the natural beauty of the original. It can give people different effects visually. Therefore, on the market, birch plywood for furniture is a more common choice for many families. In the plywood custom furniture industry, durable materials inevitably come to mind with birch. Birch is light in color and can be processed in a variety of ways. The processed birch furniture is generally clear and natural in color, which is very versatile.

1. The processing performance of birch plywood for furniture is very good

The cut surface of birch plywood for DIMEI furniture is also very smooth. Because its paint and gluing properties are very good, the birch furniture made of birch as raw material has the advantage of being smooth and flat.

2. Birch plywood for furniture is elastic

The annual rings of birch are relatively obvious, so the birch custom ply furniture, for instance, birch ply dining table produced is not only smooth and wear-resistant but also has a clear pattern. Now many of them are used in the structure, inlaid woodwork, or internal frame.

3. The price advantage of birch plywood for furniture is great

Because it is a popular tree species and rich in resources, using it as a raw material of furniture is generally cheaper.

4. Birch plywood for furniture is good for decoration

The color of birch plywood for furniture is reddish-brown, shallow, and light. And it reveals a fresh and natural beauty. Therefore, birch plywood for furniture is a good choice for home decoration and it is also the most ideal home decoration for most consumers.