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Table and chair are essential furniture for home dining rooms, usually placed in the middle of the dining room. Depending on the size of the space and considering the need to maintain a clear life activity line pathway next to the table and chairs, different options and considerations are made when selecting and arranging them.

Factors affecting custom dining table chair selection

Space size

The dining space size is a key factor to consider when customizing a table and chairs. If the dining room space is sufficient, try to choose heavier and more substantial options, otherwise, it may appear out of place. If the space is not spacious but there are only a few people, consider a slender legged table. Alternatively, a folding or extendable table can be used, occupying less space during normal use, but can withstand more guests."

Number of diners

There are four-seater, six-seater, eight-seater and other types of table and chairs. A family of three is suitable to purchase a four-seater table and chairs, and if living with parents, a six-seater set is sufficient for daily use. If there are guests at home beyond the usual number of diners, a few stools can be purchased. They are not only economical and durable but also take up little space when stacked. They go well with high-end chairs. In addition, there are expandable and foldable tables that are fashionable and space-saving, and can accommodate multiple diners at the same time. When not in use, they can be put away, making it a wise choice to purchase such tables.

Overall style

Choosing a table and chair set is just as important as picking a sofa for the living room. It should match the overall home style. There are different styles and designs of table and chairs on the market, so pay attention when purchasing. Do not just choose based on personal preferences, but rather to match the style of the home decor and select table and chairs in the same style.


There are many materials in custom dining table chairs, such as solid wood, tempered glass, marble, and other popular materials. Regardless of the tabletop material, the legs of the table should preferably be made of solid wood or iron material for stable and secure weight-bearing support.

Overall size

This selection factor involves ergonomic principles. If the custom dining table chairs are too high or too low, it will not be comfortable to sit. The appropriate height for the table is between 75-79cm, while for chairs, the height should be between 45-50cm. Nonetheless, this is subject to actual circumstances since different people have different heights and experience different levels of comfort.

Selection of custom dining table chair materials

Style match

Marble and rock plates are generally applicable in modern, minimal luxury, European, and minimalist decoration styles, while solid wood tables are commonly used in Chinese, American, simple, Japanese, and Nordic decorative styles.

Home safety

If there are children in the home, it is recommended to use solid wood tables because children are usually active and like to run around the house. Both stone table and metal legs can be hard and painful if hit.


From a durability perspective, we suggest using solid wood and rock plate tables. They are more durable than other types, while the marble table is more fragile and prone to stains.