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Plywood, one of the three artificial boards, is the common material used by household furniture and can also be used as material for plane, ship, train, automobile, architecture and packaging box. Currently, the market is flooded with a large number of low-priced eucalyptus core plywood and flame-retardant plywood. In fact, these poplar wood core panels have been treated with surface coloring, so the appearance of them is basically the same as the eucalyptus ones. Today, I will introduce to you how to distinguish between genuine and fake plywood furniture and how to distinguish between good and bad plywood furniture.

1. How to distinguish the authenticity of plywood furniture

(1) Observe the toughness of wood. The toughness of the eucalyptus core is higher than that of the poplar core. The eucalyptus core plywood is not easy to be twisted when it is turned while the poplar core plywood will appear softer.

(2) Distinguish them by color. The natural colors of these two materials are very different. The counterfeiters just paint the surface of the wood, so the interior of the wood of the plywood custom furniture remains the original color. It can be distinguished by peeling off the surface. The poplar is white while the eucalyptus core is brownish red.

(3) Weigh the weight. The density of the eucalyptus core and the poplar wood core are very different. The eucalyptus core is much heavier than the poplar wood core under the same volume. Just compare it with your hands and you can feel it.

2. How to distinguish the quality of plywood furniture

(1) The furniture made of plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth and clean front and should not be rough but flat.

(2) The appearance of good plywood furniture is free from damage, knots, or bruises. Pay attention to the consistency of the color and the overall feeling of the wood grain.

(3) The plywood should not have defects like damage, bug holes, nail holes, dead knots, burrs, groove marks and so on.

(4) Some plywood is made by patching together two kinds of veneers with different textures. Therefore, when choosing, be aware that the joints of the plywood should be tight and there should be no unevenness. Especially there should not be two different patterns on one piece of plywood, otherwise it will hinder the reasonable use, cause waste, and affect the appearance of modern plywood furniture.

(5) If you can smell a strong pungent smell, it means that the plywood furniture contains many harmful ingredients. Such kind of plywood is not only of low quality, but also more harmful to the human body.