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1. The size of wooden dining chairs requirements

The height ratio between the dining table and dining chairs: generally speaking, the standard height of the dining table in 72cm, then the dining chairs are best in 45cm, try to sit comfortably when picking is wonderful. Because of the shorter time sitting on the dining chair, so the requirements on the support is not much, generally speaking, lumbar support is good, do not have to pursue the neck support. If the waist to wrap the sense of course good, useless words are not forced.

2. Types of wooden dining chairs

Wooden dining chairs can be very attractive to the hemp oil, no matter what style, plus the wooden dining chairs, the texture of the restaurant gave a lift. DIMEI as a dining chair supplier can provide you different types of  wooden dining chairs. Wood mostly black walnut, oak, beech, ash willow-based, part will be in the chair back, chair legs, chair back to add iron. One of the most well-known is: circle chair, Kennedy chair, Y chair, Windsor chair.

(1) circle chair

Originated in the Tang Dynasty, Ming style for its typical, and now generally applied in Chinese style. The most obvious feature is the circle back with armrests, from high to low a smooth and down; sitting and leaning can make people's arms are leaning on the circle-shaped armrests, feel very comfortable, quite popular. Modern solid wood chair in the circle of the chair is connected with three wedge nail mortise and tenon, the chair on the wedge nail mortise and tenon connection process is also an important factor in determining the quality of the circle chair.

(2) Kennedy chair

Kennedy chair with reference to the design of the circle chair, wooden body + leather chair with, in the new Chinese, Japanese and Scandinavian style home are used. Its ratio reference to the golden mean, armrests at the winding down, the corner slightly protruding forward, which allows the arms to naturally hang down, but also can easily support the upper body, so that the whole body is in a relaxed state. There are similar elbow chairs, bullhorn chairs also belong to this category, but bullhorn chairs, elbow chairs can be matched with fabric chairs.

(3) Y chair

Design inspiration from the same Ming furniture, but also solid wood for the chair body, features on the Y-shaped chair back, authentic Y-shaped wooden dining chair cushion is a natural paper fiber cushion, the overall simplicity and a sense of line. These Y chairs produced by China solid wood furniture factory are suitable for the new Chinese, Japanese and Scandinavian style.

(4) Windsor chair

Windsor dining chairs with saddle-shaped chair surface + thin chair legs with the wood can be painted with different colors, in the modern retro style, American style are very good applications. And the original wood color can be applied in the new Chinese and Japanese.