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When there is a dining table at home, it is very happy for the whole family to eat at it. When you buy a home dining table, you can find there are many sizes actually. So how to choose the size of home dining table? Next, DIMEI FURNITURE will show you.

1. Selection of open-close type dining table chair size

The open and close table, also known as the extended dining table and chair, can be changed from a 900mm square table or a 1050mm round dining table chair size to a 1350 to 1700mm long table or oval table chair (with various sizes), which is very suitable for small and medium-sized units to use with guests at ordinary times.

2. Selection of round dining table chair size

We have many different models of plywood custom furniture for you to choose. For round dining table chair size, 760mmx760mm square table and 1070mmx760mm rectangular table are common dining table chair sizes. If the chair can reach into the bottom of the table, even in a small corner, a six seat dining table chair can be placed. When eating, just pull out the table a little. 760mm dining table chair size is the width of the standard size which should not be less than 700mm at least. Otherwise, people sitting opposite will touch each others' feet because of the narrow dining table and chair. The legs of home dining table and chair should be retracted in the middle. If the four legs are arranged at the four corners, it will be very inconvenient. The height of dining table chair size is usually 710mm and the height of dining table chair size is generally 415mm. If the Nordic marble dining table is lower, you can see the food on the table clearly when eating.

If the furniture in the living room and dining room is square or rectangular, the diameter of the round desktop can be increased from 150mm. In general small and medium-sized houses, if 1200mm diameter bent plywood dining chair size is used, it will be too large, so a round table with a diameter of 1140mm can be customized. As for the home dining table chair size, it can also accommodate 8-9 people, but it seems that the space is spacious. If the dining table chair size with a diameter of more than 900mm is used, although it can accommodate many people, it is not suitable to place too many fixed chairs. If dining table chair size with a diameter of 1200mm is used and put 8 chairs, it will be very crowded. 4-6 chairs can be placed. When there are many people, use folding chairs, which can be stored in the storage room.

DIM's Nordic style dining chair is beautiful, durable and user-friendly. Bent plywood dining chair is not only suitable for household use, but also suitable for commercial use. Each plywood dining chair has its own unique appearance. The shape design is mainly based on the structure. In addition, after the appearance design is completed, the firmness of the plywood dining chair should be tested. We attach great importance to the durability of a good plywood dining chair. Due to the simple design style, the processing requirements for plywood dining chairs are also relatively high. Welcome to order our products.