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Due to the high price of solid wood furniture, the consumer market has become younger as living standards improve. Solid wood furniture has also undergone a lot of design work. Moreover, many young consumers now pay attention to furniture's environmental protection and durability, making the demand for solid wood furniture rise. Many furniture brands have designed solid wood products, simplifying the design and attracting today's mainstream young consumers.

Home furnishings brands are increasingly exploring the field of solid wood furniture

Both comprehensive home appliance stores and furniture brands have increased their attention on solid wood furniture. In many home appliance stores, promotions based on solid wood are becoming popular. Consumers mostly attach importance to home life quality, with higher demands for furniture. The many advantages of solid wood furniture meet the needs of today's market, and its market recognition is high. The events enrich the product knowledge of solid wood furniture for customers, and provide good advice on purchasing high-quality home furnishings.

The number of brands introducing new solid wood products is also not small. Many new products from various brands include solid wood furniture categories. The increase in new product types highlights the original natural and environmental features of solid wood products and meets customers' multifaceted demands. The attention given to solid wood by home furnishings brands is evident.

Solid wood furniture enhances design

Considering that furniture is a durable good, solid wood furniture is better in terms of environmental protection and durability. Solid wood furniture made by solid wood furniture company has natural wood textures, which appear simple and generous, and can bear extended viewing, making it an ideal choice for furniture purchases. In addition to the favorable acceptance foundation, the present solid wood furniture has also integrated in innovative designs, which is also a reason attracting young consumers. Changes in processing methods, the design of some furniture curves, ergonomic design integration, and the use of colors make solid wood furniture have more attractive highlights on top of its already good foundation.

Three techniques to distinguish between genuine and fake solid wood furniture

To pursue environmental protection and health, more and more consumers prefer to buy solid wood furniture. However, on the furniture market, non-genuine solid wood or the substitution of inferior products for better ones often occurs. To alleviate this, not only should companies improve their self-discipline, but industry experts also advise consumers to understand some basic knowledge about good wood furniture to avoid being "deceived" by unscrupulous merchants.

Experts suggest that in addition to requiring businesses to specify the actual solid wood content of the product in the contract, three methods can be used to truly distinguish between real wood furniture. The first method is to observe the wood grain; secondly, discern the color and flavor of newly purchased furniture. Solid wood furniture generally has a light smell and a natural wood smell; finally, knocking on the wood board to distinguish, the sound of solid wood is thicker.