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Classic design from northern Europe, the simple shape evolved from the seats of northern Europe cottage, with natural warmth and intimacy.

Modern windsor chair is a classic of furniture design, since its emergence more than three hundred years, the process of furniture production and materials continue to develop and change, countless chairs because of its tedious process and other reasons were eliminated or improved, but the Windsor chair can be unique in a change, not affected by the external environment and self-contained, always maintaining its formation of the overall composition of the initial guidelines. The specific experience of its detailed investigation also has a different flavor. Windsor chair is about the early 18th century east drift to the metropolis of London, because from the town of Windsor, so people call it the Windsor chair. As a small place to come from the country furniture, he quickly got the British princes and nobles appreciate the reason is its simple, elegant and lightweight shape.

Specification of C9 Modern Windsor Chair Dining Chair

Harp backrest inherits the classic design, but also gives a new shape, modern windsor chair has a unique temperament. Exquisite workmanship. The attention to detail in both the visible and the invisible, the moment you sit on it, you know it's worth having.

Parameter of C9 Modern Windsor Chair Dining Nordic Wooden Chair

COLORMaterialProduct SizePackage sizeWeight      
Loading Qty     (CTNS/PCS)
ASH550*440*910           (SEAT HEIGHT:470mm)2 PCS/ CTNG.W:13.640HQ: 185/370

700*450*950              (2 PCS stack up)730*480*980N.W:9.820GP: 85/170

Details Of C9 Dining Chair Modern Nordic Wooden Chair Windsor Chair Solid wood Chair

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