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Nowadays, solid wood furniture has become a hot topic. When buying wood furniture, everyone always asks: is it made of solid wood? Is it pure solid wood? So, what are the advantages of solid wood furniture? It will be analyzed below:

1. Solid wood furniture is healthy and environmentally friendly

Health and environmental protection are the most important indicators for people to choose solid wood furniture. Natural, environmental and healthy solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. The reason why solid wood furniture enjoys enduring popularity lies in its natural wood color in terms of color. The wood-colored furniture is natural and chemical-free. This is a healthy and fashionable choice because this kind of furniture meets people's psychological needs of modern urbanites worshipping nature. And modern plywood furniture doesn't have these advantages.

2. Solid wood furniture is solid and durable

Solid wood furniture is solid and durable. The life span of general panel furniture is 3 or 4 years while the service life of solid wood furniture is at least 6 times that of panel furniture. If it is finer solid wood furniture adopting mortise and tenon structure, it is more enduring, especially the mahogany furniture, which could be fine for hundreds of years.

3. The value of solid wood furniture can be preserved and appreciated

Solid wood furniture generally has permanent value. If the material is good and well-made, there is still a lot of room for appreciation. For example, the popular mahogany furniture at the moment is a hot spot for investment, collection, value preservation and appreciation. The wood used to make high-end furniture grows slowly, and it takes at least 50 years to form. Resources are scarce and the prices of materials and labor are rising year by year. And there are more and more solid wood furniture manufacturers.

4. Exquisite craftsmanship of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture generally has exquisite carvings as wood is suitable for carving. What's more, you can choose to custom wood furniture.

5. Solid wood furniture is comfortable and warm

Pure solid wood material will bring the sense of nature to your space, keeping the home away from the cold steel and the machine-made modern materials and at the same time, bring a warm "woody" atmosphere to the home environment. Therefore, it is quite popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its advantage is that it embodies the nature with its natural texture and changeable shape. And generally, the beautiful wood pattern could be seen on the surface of the furniture. The solid wood furniture has its own unique style, embodies the essence of nature in itself and is warm and moist throughout, which could be said to be the best choice for home furnishing!

There is no doubt that being natural and pro-environment are the biggest advantages of solid wood desks and furniture. Compared with wood-based furniture, the amount of glue in wood-based furniture is very small. The amount of glue in furniture is related to its environmental protection level. The material for the production of solid wood desks is natural wood, so solid wood desks are more environmentally friendly. The service life of solid wood desks can reach 15 to 20 years, which is generally about 5 times the service life of other panel furniture. Because the wooden desk is made of natural wood and integrates natural essence, the solid wood desk has its own unique style and personality.