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Nowadays, living standards continue to improve, and young people like to go to the bar to relax. Therefore, the bar business has always been very hot, and there are various bars in every city, especially some big cities. In bars, we often see personalized bar stools. Many people want to know why the stools in the bar have to be made so high. Bar stools can be divided into wooden bar stools, stainless steel bar stools, iron bar stools and so on.

1. The personalised bar stool design should match the bar decoration style

For the decoration of the bar, in addition to the wall and the floor, the most important part is the bar table, stool and bar sofa. They largely determine the decoration style and effect of the bar. For the bar stool, a modern wooden stool is also a good choice. A tasteful bar sofa can bring a unique decoration effect to your bar. If you compare it, it is easy to find that the height of a person sitting on a bar stool is similar to the height of standing up.

2. Elements considered in the design of a personalised bar stool

The reason why modern bar stools are designed this way is that it is easier to drink while standing up than to bend over, so it is more comfortable to drink while sitting on a high stool. After all, a bar is a place for recreation. If the height of the bar stool is high, the person sitting on the stool and the person standing on the bar will not be embarrassed to look up, and there is no need to stand up, and there is no depression. Professional bar furniture manufacturers will provide professional customization services for bar stools. This kind of personalized bar stools are popular in many bars at home and abroad.

(1) Product features

The personalized bar stool design has simple lines and bright colors, highlighting the characteristics of modern fashion style. The surface of the modern bar stool is made of solid wood, which makes the sitting posture safe and reliable. The personalized pedal design increases the resistance of the bar stool and avoids the sliding of the feet.

(2) Highlights of the design

The personalised bar stool has a unique fashion design shape. The solid wood material makes the surface look smooth and delicate, and also makes the room more stylish. Combined with solid wood materials, it has good bearing capacity and is not easy to deform.

(3) Matching guide

The individualized bar stool has a simple appearance. We can use its high-foot shape to put it on the bar as a bar stool. It can also be placed in the dining room to create a simple two-person dining room, which reduces the trouble of cleaning up large-size tables and is more convenient to use.