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Ⅰ. The original furniture manufacturing

Almost all kinds of wood can be used to make furniture, but some woods are favored because of their beauty, durability and good practicality. Before the 20th century, most furniture was made of walnut, oak, mahogany, mahogany and fruit wood. The texture of some woods is soft and clear, and the textures are straight, striped, swirled, wavy, wrinkled, corrugated, eye-shaped, mottled, etc. Some DIMEI furniture is made of specific wood. For example, ash wood is widely used to make bentwood furniture, while most new furniture uses different wood from old furniture.

Ⅱ. Why do plywood furniture manufacturers choose to use plywood

Because precious woods are rare and always more expensive than other woods. Many new or old furniture pieces use plywood, which means that the inside is made of plywood and the outside is glued with a thin layer of wood. In older furniture, plywood and inlays made of rare woods were often used to create patterns or special effects. In modern furniture, plywood is mainly used when solid wood is difficult to obtain. A wide variety of woods can be used for layered plywood furniture and veneers.

Ⅲ. The formation method of layered plywood furniture

Some layered plywood furniture is cut from the forks or stumps of the trees, where the texture is more peculiar; some layered plywood furnitures  are cut at a specific angle to form a special pattern. Some expensive texture patterns (such as the bird's eye pattern of maple and some tree knot patterns) are formed due to the irregular growth of trees.