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1. Different Types of Dining Chairs

(1) According to different purposes, dining chairs can be divided into Chinese dining chairs, western dining chairs, fast food chairs, coffee chairs, bar chairs and office chairs.  

(2) According to different materials, dining chairs can be divided into solid wood chairs, bent wood chairs, steel wood chairs, aluminum alloy chairs, metal chairs, plastic chairs, rattan chairs, acrylic chairs, fiberglass chairs, mixed wood chairs, and board chairs. , Baby dining chairs and armchairs, etc.


2. Buy wooden dining chairs

(1) You can try to sit on a dining chair and feel its comfort. It is best if the arms can be placed on the table naturally.  

(2) Observe whether there are scars or cracks in the legs of the chair. If you have one, you can't buy it. Such a dining chair does not have a long service life.  

(3) It depends on the firmness of the chair. Generally, a chair with a tenon and tenon structure is relatively firm. In all wood furniture, it is better to choose elm and beech.  

(4) When choosing a dining chair, choose a suitable dining chair according to the area, size and personal preference of the restaurant. If the area of the restaurant is relatively large, you can use a large-size dining chair, if the area of the restaurant is relatively small, you can use a folding dining chair.  

(5) It is best to choose branded products, so that the quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.  

(6) It is necessary to check the workmanship of the dining chair to see if there is any unevenness on the surface. Check whether the design is ergonomic and whether its interface is tight or not.

3. The matching of wooden dining chairs

Simple wooden dining chairs can be matched according to the overall space style, such as Chinese style, pastoral style, Mediterranean style, American style and European style.


4. Cleaning and maintenance of wooden dining chairs

(1) Dining chairs are generally placed in restaurants and are dining utensils, so it is inevitable that they will be stained with oil. Wipe the dining chair frequently to keep it clean.  

(2) It is best to wear a cover for the dining chair to facilitate cleaning in the future.  

(3) When cleaning, do not directly rinse the dining chair with clean water. Wipe it with a soft cloth with a mild detergent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.  

(4) Wooden dining chairs should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, alcohol and other substances, and they should not be scalded with boiling water to prevent deformation.