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There are differences between the front and back of plywood. When selecting, the plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth and glossy front surface without roughness or unevenness. The plywood should not have any flaws such as rupture, collision, indentation or knots, and should not have any delamination. Some plywood is made by bonding two veneers with different patterns together, so attention should be paid to the tightness of the plywood joints, without any unevenness.

The relatively popular product in the furniture market is the ash plywood furniture. However, many customers have doubts about the quality of ash plywood furniture. The reason is that the price is relatively high and the internal quality can only be judged by the surface. Below are the reasons why ash plywood furniture is worth the money:

Quality of raw materials for plywood furniture

The raw material is carefully selected European imported ash wood, which comes 100% from natural forests and self-owned plantations. Good raw materials ensure good quality. Ash wood is fine, stable, strong and durable, with strong impact resistance. Ash wood has good plasticity and is easy to bend under steam. It can be used to make high-end furniture shapes. Ash plywood is widely used in floor substrates, yacht, high-speed rail carboard, floor substrates, speaker box panels, and other fields.

Production process of plywood furniture

The production process of ash plywood furniture is complicated, from raw wood entering the factory to rotary cutting to chip drying to finished products entering the warehouse. Each process is strictly controlled by quantitative data, with 36 links of quality monitoring, full quality assurance system of on-site inspection, quality specialist sampling, mutual inspection between upper and lower processes, packaging and warehousing, fully adopting international advanced production technology and management mode, so that each product complies with strict European and national standards.

Quality of accessories for plywood furniture

The quality and use experience of ash modern plywood furniture are influenced by the selection of hardware accessories. Factors such as whether the metal accessories have burrs, whether the verbal accessories are smooth, and the strength of the accessories are all factors to judge the quality. Usually, the quality of ash plywood furniture should be understood from several aspects.

For plywood furniture manufacturers, quality control has always been an important step to minimize product integrity risks. We, Dimei Furniture, have set up quality control positions since the import of raw wood, and have quality control in each process, such as machining, polishing, painting, etc., and there will be patrol supervision and production quality control personnel. Especially in the packaging process, we also have quality control personnel to ensure product integrity. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we can give you detailed answers!