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Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer board-like material that is made of wood sections that are peeled into veneers or sliced into thin wood, and then glued with adhesives. Such building materials are commonly used in decoration. If you have a certain understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and prices of plywood when purchasing, it is also convenient to purchase high-quality building materials, which will bring better decoration quality and effect.

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, and plywood furniture is a kind of wood-based panel. A group of veneers are usually glued together according to the direction of the wood grain of adjacent layers perpendicular to each other. Usually, the surface board and inner board are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the central layer or core. The slab made of the veneer after gluing is criss-crossed according to the direction of wood grain, and pressed under heating or non-heating conditions. Multi-layer board has become an indispensable raw material for the production of indoor furniture and decoration. Why many companies choose poplar for production, there are mainly the following reasons.

1. The quality of poplar wood for plywood furniture is good

Poplar is widely planted in the area north of the Yangtze River. Almost all of them are original ecological poplar, and they grow quickly. They can be harvested in five or six years, and it is convenient to obtain materials. However, due to the small planting area of other tree species, fast-growing species are often needed to meet production needs, and the quality of fast-growing species is quite different from that of the original ecological wood. Good poplar is the wild poplar in Northeast China. Due to the low climate and temperature in this area, the growth cycle of poplar is longer, so the wood quality is better, which wins the favor of plywood furniture manufacturers.

2. Plywood furniture poplar is easy to process

Compared with other woods, poplar is an easy-to-process product, which saves production costs and is easy to control production quality. Therefore, the use of poplar for plywood custom furniture can better ensure the performance of the finished multilayer board.

3. Plywood furniture poplar has less scarring

Many people in the board industry know the impact of wood scarring on the quality and appearance of the board, so the less scarring the better for the board. Poplar, a wood with less scarring, has also become the board of choice for many companies.

4. Plywood furniture multi-layer boards are different from other boards. They are made of high-quality poplar veneers under pressure

The veneer is obtained by rotary cutting of wood. Therefore, a large amount of large-diameter wood is often required. This is different from other uses of pellets, wood chips, and wood fibers. Due to the requirements for raw materials, trees such as poplar become the partner of multi-layer boards.

5. Poplar in plywood furniture is one of the most durable and large stock species among many wood species

The use of poplar wood to produce multi-layer solid wood boards can better guarantee the quality of finished furniture, and the use of poplar wood materials also contributes to resource utilization and environmental protection.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, choosing poplar as a core material has become the best choice for plywood furniture, especially in the north, where millions of people live on poplar and are engaged in poplar logging, trade, transportation, and board rotary cutting, drying, plywood processing, and poplar plywood furniture production.