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In daily life, people usually confuse solid wood furniture with raw wood furniture, but think that they are both wooden furniture. As for the difference between the two, few people can really talk about the point. In view of this, we at DIMEI have specially sorted out the relevant knowledge of solid wood furniture and raw wood furniture, hoping to help you to distinguish the two correctly.

1. The difference between the definition of raw wood furniture and solid wood furniture

High quality solid wood furniture refers to furniture whose main material is solid wood, which includes raw wood furniture, and also includes a series of wood furniture of combined materials. For example, some solid wood furniture is made of solid wood and wood-based panels.

Raw wood furniture is all solid wood furniture, that is, furniture made of natural wood, without any artificial boards. In this way, we can see some differences between the two. The scope of solid wood furniture is larger than that of log furniture.

2. The specific difference between raw wood furniture and solid wood furniture

(1) Process

Raw wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood. The outer skin of such furniture is the same as the material inside, and no wood-based panels are used. Then the production requirements of raw wood furniture are relatively strict. If there is a problem in that part of the production, it will destroy the stability of the entire furniture, and the furniture will not be able to be formed.

(2) Texture

Raw wood furniture can generally see the original natural texture of the wood, and its characteristics are different from those of solid wood furniture. The raw wood furniture is made of natural materials, without any addition of artificial boards, and the furniture produced is not only fashionable but also very healthy. It is relatively easy to distinguish the real natural texture from the artificially processed texture just according to the layers of plywood.

(3) Price

There is also a big difference in price between raw wood furniture and solid wood furniture, because the production process of raw wood furniture is more complicated and the cost is high, making it expensive, on the country, the cost of plywood furnitures such as the dining room chairs price can be rather lower. The process of making solid wood furniture is relatively simple, and it also saves wood and reduces costs. Therefore, when distinguishing, we must comprehensively consider factors such as the price of raw materials, labor, and production costs. If the difference is large, it may not be raw wood furniture, but solid wood furniture.