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Solid wood furniture is not always as "simple" as it seems. Solid wood furniture refers to all parts of furniture, except hardware, all made of natural wood. Only this can truly be worthy of the name "solid wood furniture". Most people's imagination of solid wood furniture may be the closest to this, but such furniture is rare and generally expensive, usually authentic mahogany furniture. Of course, the price of furniture of different wood species also varies several times or even dozens of times.

1. Mix and match of solid wood furniture

There are many forms of solid wood furniture, such as a bedside table, the frame is oak, the drawers are fir, such furniture is usually called oak solid wood furniture, and consumers think that oak furniture must be made of oak, which is naive to think so.

2. Solid wood furniture solid wood finger-jointed board

The solid wood finger-jointed board is made of several small pieces of solid wood with a serrated interface, similar to the interdigitation of the fingers of both hands. It is a kind of artificial board. The price of solid wood finger-jointed board is much lower than that of similar pure solid wood raw materials. Of course, solid wood finger-jointed board and the ply board dining table design also has its own advantages, because it is spliced, so the stability is much better than pure solid wood, especially in preventing cracking.

3. The combination of board and wood of solid wood furniture

This kind of furniture is made of solid wood material and artificial board together. For example, the four legs of a dining table are made of solid wood, but the table top is a man-made board, which may be finger-jointed board, particle board, wood board or MDF. This is the mainstream solid wood furniture on the market.

4. Solid wood veneer for solid wood furniture

The skeleton of customized solid wood furniture may be made of low-end wood or artificial boards, and the surface is pasted with a thin layer of high-end solid wood veneer, which looks like high-end solid wood furniture from the surface. Generally, veneer furniture can be judged from the incision of the plate, the lines, scars and defects on the front and back.

All of the above may be called "solid wood furniture" in the mouths of different merchants, so when you customize solid wood furniture, you must ask the detailed material, and don't buy "fake goods" at the price of pure solid wood furniture, it is best to indicate the material in the purchase contract, and write the seal in black and white. Also, because the prices of different woods are quite different, it is necessary to prevent the situation of selling dog meat. For example, the most common thing is that unscrupulous merchants simply refer to rubber wood as "oak" to fool consumers. It is obviously two things, and the price is very different.

Common materials and prices for making furniture: teak and black walnut are more expensive; white oak, red oak, cherry wood, ash wood are medium; rubber wood and pine are cheaper. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish wood. For example, consumers may think that white oak is white and red oak is red. In fact, "white oak is not white, red oak is not red", white oak and red oak are the collective names of many kinds of trees, different countries The color of origin is not the same.