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The design of the bent plywood bar stools seat and backrest is important because when you are sitting, the muscles support the body and a good posture can provide proper support to the body to reduce fatigue. Now many shopping malls have placed bent plywood bar stools, giving the bar tables and chairs a lot of room to play. Similarly. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families have added the elements of bar tables and chairs to their homes. 

DIM specializes in producing bent plywood bar stools. In addition to the height can be freely matched, the bent plywood bar stools on the color selection are also very exquisite. From the point of view of home decoration design to choose, not only need bar tables and chairs to be able to fit each other very well but also need to be able to integrate the bar tables and chairs into the design theme of the whole space, which is the bar tables and chairs than the general coffee tables and chairs more flexible place.

Different Types of Bent Plywood Bar Stools for Sale

What Is The Difference Between Bent Plywood Bar Stools And Counter Stools?

It's difficult for people to distinguish the plywood counter stool and plywood bar stool, or somebody even thinks that they are one same type of chair. Nevertheless, a plywood counter stool is one type of bar stool that usually has a fixed height. And plywood bar stool, actually, has plenty of shapes and usages much more than your imagination. Generally, typical plywood bar stools are 10 inches higher than counter stools, also, some bent plywood bar stools can switch the height slightly to fit different people' s needs.

Our company offers many types of bentwood bar stools for sale with high quality in high-end commercial use, daily life and so on. Contact DIMEI if you want!

How to Choose a Bent Plywood Bar Stool?

  • Choose the style of bent plywood bar stools depending on the decoration in your house.

  • Measure the height of your bar to determine how wide and high a bar stool you need to buy.

  • Decide the place your bent plywood bar stools are in for selecting usages of bar stools.

  • Contact. As one of the bar stool wholesale suppliers, we provide you high quality bent plywood bar stools.

Usage Trends of Bent Wood Bar Stool

Bent plywood bar stools were initially mainly used in bars. Nowadays, the use of bent plywood bar stools has become more and more widely, which can be used in fast food restaurant, tea restaurant, cafes, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores and other venues, representing the passion, fashion and popularity. Besides, more and more people like to put a few bar stools at home, so as to increase modern atmosphere at home.

Maintenance Of Bentwood Bar Stool

The biggest advantage of bent wood bar stools is the natural wood grain, and a variety of natural color. As solid wood is a breathing organism, bent wood bar stool is recommended to be placed in a suitable environment of temperature and humidity, at the same time avoiding drinks, chemicals or overheated objects placed on the surface, to avoid damage to the natural color of the wood surface.

Features of Bent Plywood Bar Stools

DIM bent plywood bar stools are similar in shape to ordinary chairs, but the seat surface is higher from the ground. Usually the bent plywood bar stools seat surface from the ground size is 650-900mm.

You can enjoy the view from up high on bent plywood bar stools. In the morning, if you want to start the day in a comfortable breakfast on bent plywood bar stools, or if you want to have a drink to end the whole day at night, DIM has these bent wood bar stools to suit your style. Our designs of bent plywood bar stools vary with backrests, space-saving and height specific for you choice.

The Role Of Bent Plywood Bar Stool In Café

Generally in café, bent wood bar stools are place at bar or window by the high bar, which is actually designed to save space and to have rational use of space. But bent wood bar stools are absolutely not only for space saving. 

The bent wood bar stool placed next to the bar is to pull in the distance between the customer and the barista. When the barista is modulating a certain coffee, the customer sitting on the bent wood bar stool will always be able to find the topic through the coffee and to close the distance with the barista. Meanwhile, the customers will know more about the store’s brand, so that they can feel the charm of the product directly. 

The bent wood bar stool placed next to the high bar on the windowsill was initially designed for customers who came to the café alone, so that lonely customers can also become friends through the coffee. Maybe in the time of a cup of coffee you will make a friend!

Pub Height of Bent Plywood Bar Stools Overview

Nowadays, as the standard of living is improving, young people like to go to bars. Bar business has always been very hot, in every city, there are a variety of bars in especially some big cities.

Bar decoration, the main elements including walls and floors, the most important part lies in the bar tables, pub height of bent plywood bar stools and bar sofas. They greatly determine the bar decoration style and decoration effect. Tasteful bar sofa and pub height of bent plywood bar stools can definitely bring a distinctive decoration effect for your bar. In fact, if you compare, it is easy to find that the height of a person sitting on a pub height bent plywood bar stools is similar to the height of standing up.

The reason for this pub height bar stools design is that it is easier to drink while standing than bending over, so it is more comfortable to drink while sitting on a high chair. After all, the bar is the place to spend time. If the height of the bent plywood bar stools is high, people sitting on the chair and standing on the bar will not form the awkwardness of looking up, not needing to stand up and not feeling overwhelmed.

As mentioned before, as a professional bar stool supplier, DIMEI provides professional customization bent plywood bar stools for sale. This kind of pub height bent plywood bar stools are popular in many bars at home and abroad. It has clean lines and vibrant colors, highlighting the modern fashion style. The seat surface is made of solid wood, and the sitting position is safe and reliable. DIM pub height bar stools has a unique fashion design shape. Solid wood makes the surface look smooth and delicate, also makes the space more stylish. Combined with solid wood materials, it has a good bearing capacity and is not easily deformed.

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