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The so-called bentwood is not a natural wood, but wood formed through later processing. It is made by using the elastic principle of the external nature of wood, which can be easily bent into a certain shape after steam treatment, thus replacing the traditional manufacturing process of furniture mortise and tenon, so to speak, as one piece. It is only the manufacture of bentwood furniture for wood and technical equipment requirements are high, usually used to manufacture bentwood furniture raw materials are selected from ash, elm, Quercus or birch.

Advantages of Bentwood Furniture   

1. From the material, bentwood furniture surface uses high-quality veneer, while the inner layer of the material requirements is low. You can use a short joint long, narrow spell wide, and other methods to make full use of raw materials, more economical materials than the general solid wood furniture.

2. From the style, bentwood furniture with a beautiful and harmonious arc, is more in line with the modern pursuit of beauty.

3. From the characteristics, bentwood furniture with the advantages of non-cracking, non-deformation, moisture resistance, resistance to twisting.

4. From the functional point of view, bentwood dining chairs in the manufacture, according to ergonomic principles of arbitrary bending, is more in line with human health sitting.

5. From the production, bentwood furniture surface texture is more natural and smooth, the overall effect is more harmonious, but also will not damage the wood fiber, durable.

Disadvantages of Bentwood Furniture 

Bentwood furnitur has a low yield due to the complexity of processing and the difficulty of applying finishes. This is perhaps the only more obvious disadvantage of bentwood furniture at present.

Bentwood Furniture Maintenance Methods 

Maintenance of bent wood furniture, is nothing more than daily cleaning, maintenance and other aspects of things, the most important or cleaning. In the daily cleaning of bent wood furniture, you can use water-based maintenance polish to clean; try not to use a rough rag to wipe bent wood furniture, so as not to damage the surface of the furniture paint film; bent wood furniture is also a kind of solid wood furniture, so you can not place the bent wood furniture near the fire, heat sources, but also not in the direct sunlight, exposure, to avoid deformation of bent wood furniture, cracking; can not let the bent wood furniture is wet by rain. Otherwise, it is very susceptible to moisture deformation.