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Multi-layer solid wood plywood is also multi-layer solid wood plywood. Multi-layer solid wood plywood now becomes one of the first choices for many carpenters or solid wood plywood custom furniture companies. And as consumers in the market increasingly pursue environmental protection, multi-layer solid wood plywood has also came into view of more consumers.

Ⅰ. Plywood furniture materials

To understand the modern plywood furniture, we must first understand the plywood. Solid wood includes many kinds of wood, including phoebe, catalpa, duwood, poplar, schnitzel, pine, beech, walnut, camphor, cypress, birch, maple, cherry, walnut, oak, fraxinus mandshurica, rubber wood, oak, mahogany, etc. In a word, the solid wood board is made of multi-layer veneer or thin board by hot pressing. As the name suggests, furniture made of solid wood plywood is called multi-layer solid wood furniture.

Ⅱ. Environmental friendliness of plywood furniture

During the pressing process, the plywood is glued vertically and horizontally and pressed by high temperature and high pressure, so its structure is very stable and will not be deformed at the same time. The glue is used less in the production process, and the polymer glue is used in the production process. After high-temperature and high-pressure, imported PVC edge banding machine, the formaldehyde content is reduced, and the formaldehyde emission of the board reaches the environmental protection standard E0 or even higher, which is green and environmentally friendly.