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Custom Wooden Frame Flow Chart

  • Rotary-cut


    The rotary-cut equipment, 80 m3 logs,40 m3 finished board. If the customer orders a lots and  a variety, we can reach many specifications. Meet customers' different plywood custom furniture needs.

  • Drying


    Double automatic stoving line shorten the lead time, and is different with traditional sun-drying which requires secondary prepressure. What' s more, Stoving can make the board more smooth, and will prevent moths.

  • Logs


    The timber complies with EUTR – our wood supplier, who is supplying to IKEA.

  • Gluing


    We use dynea glue of Filand, which is widely used in Children' s diapers. We do not use common glue. 

  • Compression Moulding forming

    Compression Moulding forming

    More than 50 machines, up to 2 containers one day.