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Birch plywood is a world-renowned excellent plywood. The excellent performance and beautiful birch texture of birch plywood furniture make it deeply loved by the furniture industry in Europe and the United States, and are made into children's furniture and children's toys, so as to care for the healthy growth of children since childhood.

1. Environmental performance of birch plywood furniture

Russian birch plywood is made of birch grown in the alpine zone of northern Europe as raw materials, and is produced through a series of processes such as cooking and rotary cutting. Large factories mainly use outdoor waterproof phenolic resins in production, and the formaldehyde emission of the finished products can meet the highest CE requirements in Europe. Grade E1, American CARB P2 and EPA TSCA Title VI, fully meet the production needs of children's furniture.

2. Beautiful texture of birch plywood furniture

The Nordic birch has a delicate texture and does not need too much decoration to reflect the fresh and natural beauty and bring children a dream-like childhood. The children's bed is made of all birch plywood, without extra paint and other processing. It can be laid flat to meet the needs of children aged 1-3 to get on and off the bed by themselves. After the children grow taller, they can be placed in reverse, which increases the height of the bed and meets the needs of children aged 4-6. Children's bent plywood bar stool, let children develop their own good habit of washing dishes from an early age, and cultivate children's instinct for independent survival; children's wardrobe, simple, fresh and natural, let children plan their own life, dress and dress themselves.

3. Strength properties of birch plywood furniture

Birch plywood is a very strong product, much higher than other poplar, eucalyptus, pine and other materials. It has excellent mechanical properties and can meet the requirements of large load-bearing furniture. Take birch plywood as an example. The moisture content of birch plywood for furniture is 8% and the density is 700kg/m3, while the same poplar and pine plywood are generally between 400-500; the static bending strength and elastic modulus far exceed the standard requirements, compared with poplar pine plywood, elasticity The modulus is generally 4000-6000MPa, while the birch plywood is above 10000MPa.

Plywood furniture has the advantages of stable structure and not easy to deform. By contrast, using plywood furniture is an eco-friendly way to decorate your home, and at the same time, it doesn't detract from aesthetics and style. As a professional wood furniture supplier, we have accumulated experience in producing plywood bar stools, plywood dining chairs, plywood dining tables, plywood coffee tables and plywood desks for decades. DIMEI is able to provide various solutions for homes, hotels, schools, restaurants and more. You are welcome to consult our products online!