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The bent plywood dining chair of northern Europe style has features of aesthetics, durability and are friendly to users. Bent plywood dining chairs are welcome at not only household use, but also commercial use. Each bent plywood dining chair has its own distinctive appearance. The shape design of bent plywood dining chair is mainly based on the structure. Besides, after the exterior design, the firmness of bent plywood dining chair should be tested. DIMEI pays great attention on the durability of a good bent plywood dining chair. Due to simple desing style, the processing requirements for bent plywood dining chairs are relatively high as well.

Dining Chair Sets

  • Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 3

    Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 3

  • Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 4

    Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 4

  • Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 4

    Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 4

  • Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 6

    Wood Dining Chairs Set Of 6

Nordic Aesthetic Foundation In Bent Plywood Dining Chair

The Nordic people seem to have an irreplaceable talent in creating a natural atmosphere of unity between nature and human being. It is always the careful selection of materials and the purest craftsmanship that are still widely used in Nordic design. This kind of technique is seen as a living specimen in modern industrial society. This humanistic attitude has also gained universal recognition worldwide. 

Wood is the soul of interior decoration. The finest maple, oak, spruce, pine and birch are the main materials used to make various kinds of furniture. Its own soft colors, fine texture and natural grain are very naturally integrated into the bent plywood dining chair design, showing a simple, fresh and primitive beauty, representing the unique Nordic style.

The dining room is the most used place in the day for eating, relaxing, and doing housework. Because of this, it is especially important to choose bent plywood nordic wooden dining chairs that allow you to always be in a beautiful mood and not feel bored.

Maintenance of Bent Plywood Dining Chair

  • Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of of the bent plywood dining chair surface. Regularly with a cotton dry soft cloth to gently wipe away the surface of the floating dust. Every once in a while,wipe out the accumulated dust on the bent plywood dining chair with wrung out moisture wet cotton wool, and then wipe with a clean dry soft cotton cloth. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents. 

  • If there are stains on the surface of bent plywood dining chair, do not rub hard. It is available to gently remove the stain with warm tea water. Wait until the moisture evaporates in the original part, and then coat with a little light wax, lightly wipe a few times to form a protective film

  • Avoid hard objects scratching. When cleaning, do not make cleaning tools touch the bent plywood dining chair. Do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the bent plywood dining chair, to protect its surface from bruising marks.

How To Pick The Right Bent Plywood Dining Chair?

Check the size of bent plywood dining chair is suitable for the body.

First, confirm whether the heel can land well. According to the sitting position, check to see if there is a sense of pressure and constraint on certain parts of the body. Not forcing yourself, you feel comfortable sitting in the bent plywood dining chair is the most appropriate size.

What is the most balanced state between the table and the chair?

The most appropriate height, generally speaking, is the height of the sitting surface of the chair and the distance between the table about 27-30cm. Sitting on the bent plywood dining chair, gently clip the armpit, hand on the table when the elbow reaches an angle of 90 degrees when the height is the most appropriate.

Details Of Bent Plywood Dining Chair

As a dining chair company, DIM provides a lot of bent plywood dining chair for sale. Here are some detail information about the products.

About the armrests

Many bent plywood dining chair, the same type is divided into two types with armrests and no armrests.

With armrest type

You can put your hand on it to find a comfortable sitting position, recommended for people who want to relax in the restaurant. When eating and working, the range of motion of the arms will be limited. Before getting up and leaving or sitting down, you need to move the stool away, so it will be less convenient for people who have a lot of living activities.

Armless type

Even if you don't need to move the chair away, it's easy to get up and sit down with a slight movement of the body. So it is recommended for people with limited space and mainly used for dining and working.

About the backrest

The height and shape of the bent plywood dining chair backrest has a lot to do with the relaxation method and space reservation.

About fabric

The color, pattern, and other variations are rich and can be matched with a wide range. Good breathability, soft and comfortable to sit is the bent plywood dining chair's charm.

Advantages Of Bent Plywood Dining Chair

  • From the material, the surface layer of bent plywood dining chairs uses high-quality veneer, while the inner layer of the material requirements is lower, which can be used to short to connect the long, more material-saving than the general solid wood furniture.

  • From the style, bent plywood dining chair has a beautiful and harmonious arc, more in line with the modern pursuit of beauty.

  • From the characteristics, bent plywood dining chair has the advantages of non-cracking, non-deformation, moisture resistance, resistance to twisting.

  • From the function, bent plywood dining chair is more in line with human health sitting according to ergonomic principles of arbitrary bending.

  • From the production, bent plywood dining chair surface is more natural and smooth. The overall effect is more harmonious, but also will not damage the wood fiber, which is durable.

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