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As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, which is a headache for novices who start to choose furniture. In order to prevent regret later, you also need to know some knowledge about furniture. Here we present some highlights of representative furniture choices.

1. Types of furniture dining chairs

When it comes to furniture bent plywood dining chair, there are a wide variety of styles. Next, some representative ones are introduced.

(1) LD type: Usually the seat height is about 40cm, which is a relatively low style. You can rest leisurely after eating, and it can be used as a living room and dining room.

(2) Portable type: a lightweight chair that can be picked up with one hand, easy to clean. Very kid and senior friendly.

(3) Removable type: The covered chair cushion can be easily taken off, even if it gets dirty, it can be taken off for washing. Recommended for families with children.

(4) Caster type: the style with wheels on the feet, easy to move and easy to move. It is also more common in LD models.

(5) Rotating type: The chair body remains stationary and the seat cushion can be rotated. Access does not take up space.

(6) Bench type: A style that sits side by side and can adjust the number of seats. Recommended for families with children or families with frequent guests.

2. Regarding the height of the back of the furniture dining chair

The height of the back of the furniture dining chair can be divided into 3 categories. When choosing, also consider the size of the house.

(1) Low back: There is no sense of oppression, so it can make the room look more spacious. The back is also out of the way for serving dishes etc.

(2) Mid-high back: The height between the high back and the low back, with a wide range of uses.

(3) High back: If you use this kind of high back style in a spacious room, it will look very stylish and give people a sense of luxury. Supports the entire back so you can sit comfortably and comfortably while eating.

3. The structure of furniture dining chair cushion

In terms of cushion structure, it can be roughly divided into 4 categories. Each has a different sitting feeling.

(1) Polyurethane + polyester mesh: On the frame that draws curves, the structure of plywood that does not directly attach springs is used to achieve lightweight and comfortable feeling.

(2) S spring: S spring has elasticity and durability, and has a strong supporting force to achieve a superior sitting feeling.

(3) Synthetic: Three-dimensional braided fabric consisting of surface part, connection layer, and surface part to achieve good cushioning.

(4) Polyester fiber: Polyester mesh is used at the bottom of the cushion, which supports the body softly without feeling on the ground.

4. The material of the seat surface of the furniture dining chair

Sofas of the same design have completely different textures from different materials. Understand the texture of various materials and choose according to your preferences.

(1) Genuine leather: Genuine leather is a natural material that becomes more intense in taste as it ages. It has a delicate and moist feel, and the more you use it, the thicker it will become. This is the charm of genuine leather. Heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, elastic, moisture-absorbing and durable. On the other hand, since it is a natural material, signs of growth, burns, staining, etc. are clearly visible on it.

(2) Synthetic leather: It not only has the feel of leather, but also has rich color changes and convenient maintenance, and is durable.

(3) Cloth: There are various changes in color, pattern, cloth pattern, etc., expanding the scope of matching. Its charm lies in its good air permeability and soft sitting feeling.

Average nordic wooden dining chairs height: Too low and the arms need to be extended endlessly, too high and the shoulders need to be raised constantly, both of which can tire the shoulders and wrists. The most suitable height for dining is 27~30cm from the height of the chair. Sit on a chair, leaning gently on the back of the chair, and when you put your hands on the table, it is most suitable for your elbows to reach 90 degrees. Also, if there are drawers under the desk, try sitting down to see if there is enough room between your feet and your feet.

When choosing a dining chair, the most important things are comfort and lightness. If you want to rest directly in the restaurant after eating, you should actually sit down and try it when choosing a furniture dining chair to confirm whether it matches your body shape and comfort. When you experience it in the store and showroom, you feel like you are at home. Since the dining chair will be pulled out and pushed frequently every day, lightness is also important, so pay attention to actually confirm whether the chair is easy to move.