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If the kitchen is for making delicious food, then the dining room is the best space to share delicious food, but when sharing delicious food, there must be a dining table. We know that there are various sizes of dining tables in the market. When you choose, you can choose according to The size of the restaurant space depends.

The height of the desktop is just in contact with the plane of the forearm. According to the different styles of the dining table, the size of the domestic dining table can be said to be specified in detail. According to the standard set by the dining table manufacturer, the standard height of the dining table is between 750-790 mm, while the height of the dining chair is between 450-500 mm. The shape of the dining table is mainly square table and round table. In recent years, the oval dining table has become more and more popular. Consumers can choose the appropriate size of the dining table according to the area of their own home when purchasing, but the width of the dining table should not be less than 700 mm, otherwise family members will easily bump into each other's feet when the dining table is too narrow.

1. Kitchen dining table styling and matching

The selection of the kitchen table should conform to the size of the home. The round dining table is more flexible and suitable for restaurants with a small area. For families with a large kitchen and dining room, in addition to the formal dining table in the dining room, a small round dining table can also be placed near the kitchen for casual meals for family members. The extended dining table is suitable for a restaurant with a larger area and looks grand. At the same time, more attention should be paid to the echo of color and material in a large space, otherwise it is easy to appear loose.

The shape of the nordic marble dining table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. The rectangular dining table is more suitable for larger gatherings; the round dining table feels more democratic; the irregular table is more suitable for two people, and it looks warm and natural; there is also a foldable style, and the foldable storage is better than the fixed space saving.

2. Kitchen table color matching

First of all, the color matching of the kitchen table should take into account the color coordination with the house and other furniture, and the contrast should not be too large. When choosing colors, avoid too many colors, you can use more neutral colors, such as sand, stone, light gray, brown, these colors can give people a sense of tranquility.

Secondly, the color configuration of the dining environment has a great impact on people's dining psychology. It can not only affect people's mood when dining, but also affect people's appetite. Therefore, if you think of the function of stimulating appetite, improving the interest of diners, and creating a warm dining atmosphere, the color of the restaurant should be based on bright and lively tones, and orange and sister colors of the same hue are most suitable.